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Tuesday Happy Hour is riddled with question marks

That change in the BCS you've been waiting for? You'll have to wait a little bit longer. The 11 conference commissioners met in Dallas to talk about the future, and all they came up with was questions.

For example, if we change the current format, would we play some games on campus or all games on neutral sites? If some games are on campus, is that too much of a competitive advantage? If all games are at neutral sites, would fans be able to travel to two games in a row? How would teams be selected? By a committee, by the current ranking formula, or by a different formula? When exactly would games be scheduled, considering finals, holidays and our desire to avoid mid-January games?

So there you have it, the BCS has successfully answered your question (when are we going to get a system that makes sense?) with another question (but how?). Over at Pre-Snap Read Paul Myerberg breaks down the questions and tries to read the tea leaves for what these concerns say about what the committee will eventually end up deciding on.

When it comes to all the logistics questions, Adam Rittenberg over at the Big Ten Blog on ESPN brings up an interesting point. While NCAA tournament basketball is a decidedly different animal than what playoff football would be, the crowd makeup at NCAA tournament games could be a good indicator of the problems inherent in hosting neutral site football playoff games.

Moving on to the links:

Talking Points: Will Campbell - Tremendous breaks down everyone's favorite spring question mark, Big Will Campbell. The arguments for significantly outweigh the arguments against, but that has more or less been the case in the past. I have faith in the big man turning in a solid season, but anything past that is simply setting oneself up for disappointment.

Your move, Will.

Grading the 2011-12 Michigan basketball team's junior class - grades out the junior class, and given that the players in that class consist of: the seventh guy in a primarily six man rotation, a defensive liability in the post with a streaky outside shot, a walk-on that fought for playing time before injury, and a walk-on that writes, there wasn't bound to be a whole lot of optimism surrounding the group.

Michigan QB Denard Robinson impresses with quick-trigger passes

"I'm going to tell you this — I play quarterback and the number one thing about a quarterback is always take care of the ball," Robinson said. "That's one of the things I need to stop doing — turnovers. I had 15 interceptions. That's not acceptable as a quarterback.

So turnovers are bad? Cue the NBC music and graphic.


You do this because the gods envy beauty. That is why your perfect lineman just tripped on a rake and partially tore his ACL. He will still make All-Conference despite playing the whole season on it. You will cry manly tears whenever you think about this, and then blame allergies.

EDSBS previews every offensive line ever this spring.

Eastern Michigan football team focused on rebuilding defense, QB battle open in spring practice - Ron English and Mike Hart continue to try and engineer the most unlikely turnaround in college football.

10 Things to Keep an Eye On- MSU Spring Football - For those of you interested in our neighbors to the northwest. Most of this boils down to "please Andrew Maxwell be good".