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Wednesday Happy Hour is Violating Antiquated Rules

Tuesday came and went and, big surprise, Michigan picked up another verbal commitment for the class of 2013. This time it was OH LB Mike McCray II, son of a former Ohio State linebacker and the 44th overall player in the nation according to Rivals. What this does to the timelines of Michigan's other top linebacker targets (Ben Gedeon, EJ Levenberry, Dorian O'Daniel) is anyone's guess, but it doesn't look like Michigan's recruiting momentum is going to slow down anytime soon.

Here is MGoBlog's Ace on McCray, and here is Magnus from Touch the Banner, who is a little less enthralled by McCray's skillset.

Beilein deserved Coach of the Year - Yesterday when I reported the All-Big Ten teams I mentioned that I didn't have a problem with Izzo winning coach of the year, and while I largely don't, I have a hard time not shaking my head vigorously in agreement with Luke Pasch of the Michigan Daily when he lays out his dismay at Beilein being overlooked.

Izzowl - Speaking of Izzo, Burgeoning Wolverine Star gives him the owl treatment.

Big Ten rankings: No. 5, David Molk - ESPN's Big Ten blog is down to the top five and David Molk gets a very deserving nod. So far I've agreed with these rankings on the whole (Robinson deserves a spot in the mid-teens because of his inconsistency through the year), but as I look at who is left to be ranked I can't help but think there will be three Wisconsin players (Ball, Wilson, Abbrederis) in the top four. Maybe Dan Persa is the fourth? Who am I overlooking?

Michigan to face West Virginia at Barclays Center - For you Brooklynites, Michigan will be playing in your backyard next year against Beilein's old team.

Big Ten Bradley-Terry Bracket Odds - TOC breaks down each Big Ten team's odds of advancing on both a margin-free and margin-aware basis. Either way Michigan is fourth behind the two presumed favorites (MSU, OSU) and Indiana.

Michigan football team alerts compliance department after receiver Roy Roundtree commits possible minor NCAA violation - This week in incredibly stupid NCAA violations, Roy Roundtree gave a shoutout to Mike McCray on twitter after the latter's commitment to Michigan. This is a no-no based on a rule that was probably written in the 50s when the only time you had to worry about a current player mentioning a recruit publicly would be if the two players were blood relatives and the local beat reporter directly asked about the recruit then wrote it into his column. The NCAA adapts to technology like my grandfather: with fear and apprehension, and only after all attempts to avoid it have been exhausted and proven completely illogical.