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Friday Happy Hour is Hunting Gophers

Those of you paying attention to the Big Ten tournament yesterday know that Michigan will now be facing Minnesota in the second round after the Gophers engineered a close overtime win over Northwestern. You heard that right, Northwestern, the team that needed at least one win in the Big Ten tournament to go to its first NCAA tournament in history lost a game in excruciatingly painful fashion (again).

Needless to say, Rodger from Sippin' on Purple is despondent...

The most beautiful thing I've ever written had the word "shittiest" in its opening sentence (Ask me if you want to read it, it was about Cuba, another example of something I love which does nothing in return.) The English language is beautiful and contains words for nearly everything. "Shitty" is one of these words, and although I don't curse on this site out of principle, I stress to you that there is no word better suited to describe this emotion. This is shitty. There's no other word that can fully capture this emotion besides "shitty", and I don't consider the truth to be profanity, so I don't feel bad about telling you how shitty this is.

...while the Daily Gopher is pretty excited.

Check out our own Dave Ryan at Searching for Billy Edelin for more on results from all over the country. Elsewhere in the Big Ten BHGP celebrates like none other, Hammer & Rails realizes that wins against Nebraska are simply bad losses avoided, the Crimson Quarry previews today's marquee game between Indiana and Wisconsin, and TOC teams up with BHGP for a questions and answer session on today's game.

3 things to watch: No. 4 Michigan hockey team vs. Notre Dame - Michigan hockey is in a tournament of its own. Check out's preview of the upcoming CCHA tournament game against Notre Dame.

Michigan has advanced to the semifinals of the conference playoffs each of the past 23 years. Here are three things to watch for as the Wolverines attempt to keep their streak alive starting on Friday (7:35 p.m.).

Tremendous: Chris Hawkins Decision - A four-star corner back out of California is set to decide on Saturday and has Michigan on his short list of three finalists along with Stanford and Notre Dame. Smart money is on the west coast school --- especially since he has yet to visit Michigan --- but anything is possible.

Weekend Visitors: March 9-11, 2012 - For a rundown of prospects Michigan has a better chance with, check out Touch the Banner for a list of this weekend's campus visitors. It is especially notable for who isn't included as who is. PA linebacker Alex Anzalone was scheduled to visit but has since cancelled saying the position was full. Whether this means Michigan is just holding out for EJ Levenberry or the coaches know a little more than they are letting on, it sounds like good news (even though Anzalone is a helluva player and a shame to miss out on, but hey, you can't take 'em all).

Al Borges on The Huge Show: We won't say never about recruiting another QB like Denard Robinson

"The one thing you have to guard against with a guy like him is that you can't make him robotic," Borges explained. "He's got to let it flow a little bit, let it rip, understanding that there's structure. You have to start with structure. You can't start with freelance. But by the same token, you can't inhibit a skill level that's as prolific as his. Where does one start and the other stop? I'm never sure exactly where that is, but I know if you're getting productivity, consistent productivity, you're going about it right."

I would check out the whole Huge Show interview if I were you. Borges is especially candid in a way you don't find from most coaches with the media.

OTE Best B1G College Town Elite 8: When Cigars and Scotch Make Decisions - Off Tackle Empire is doing a tournament to decide the best Big Ten college town. Yours truly wrote the entry for Ann Arbor. I hope I did the fair city proud.

Female Sportswriters Feel Wrath of Twitter - Another reminder to think before you do something stupid on twitter.