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Monday Happy Hour is concise, not punctual

Running late this morning thanks to an internet outage. On to the links:

Rallying the Troops: MGoBlog on the State of Michigan Recruiting - Ace from mgoblog stops by BSD to give a pretty thorough opinion on Michigan's recruiting efforts for the 2013 class thus far. Spoiler alert: it is a glowing account of Hoke and Co. pooping magic.

Speaking of Recruiting, it was a big weekend for Michigan targets and commits alike over at the Nike Football Training Camp in Norwalk, CA. One of Michigan's biggest remaing targets, defensive lineman Joe Mathis took home DL MVP honors. However, it was neck and neck between him and Michigan commit Taco Charlton, who really impressed scouts with his speed off the edges. Mathis will be in Ann Arbor this weekend and Charlton could be there to help recruit Mathis.

Braylon Edwards is a waffler - Touch the Banner usually sticks to scouting reports and recruiting info, but decided in this case to editorialize on the issue of Braylon Edwards and the #1 jersey. I agree wholeheartedly with Magnus here. While I support the idea of a #1 jersey (and would actually like to see the #2 jersey go to the top secondary player) there is no way you can convince me that Braylon Edwards handled the situation like anything but a petulant sniveling child a few years ago. It's a shame.

Kenny Demens, Michigan's reigning leading tackler, practicing with cast on left arm - Kenny Demens uses said cast to then send a sizable portion of the fan base into cardiac arrest. Happy April Fool's indeed.

A Look Back: Five High Points of the 2011-12 season - UMHoops with the decidedly happier counterpart to last weeks "Five Low Points" list.

B1G 2012 // Indiana Cocktail Party Preview - Off Tackle Empire is beginning its spring/summer preview of the Big Ten for 2012, starting from worst and working to first. For the first time since I've been following OTE, I'll have to wait a while to see its take on Michigan.

I like that just fine.