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Thursday Happy Hour gets it straight from the horse's mouth

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Brady Hoke went home to talk earlier in the week and had quite a bit to say:

On the Big Ten "Gentleman's Agreement"

"No. 1, we have an actual signing day for a reason. That is, they can change their minds until they sign. This is competitive. This isn't ... I'd like to say golf - don't take offense. I've never heard of agreements or not agreements. Look, they're 18 to 23 years old. They got a lot going on, more so now than when I was 18 to 23."

This isn't really any different from what Hoke has been saying all along, and it figures that he would support this position as he -- along with Urban Meyer -- seems to control the Big Ten recruiting landscape.

"I think really in about three years you'll see four super conferences, and I think the Big East will go away and maybe the ACC. But look, I'm just a coach. I don't know all of it."

I don't know if this is Brady Hoke having any inside information, and I guess I hope he doesn't spend much time worrying about conference realignment with Alabama on the distant horizon, but it is a pretty obvious conclusion to draw as of now.

"He's doing great. He's going to wear No. 21 in honor of (Heisman Trophy winner) Desmond Howard. It's a big deal. Desmond is fired up. Roy is fired up. And I'm fired up."

Hopefully Hoke and co. giving Roundtree the 21 jersey is more of a reward for improving over the offseason than it is a motivational tactic, but at the end of the day if it works I won't complain.

There is more in the article, so I suggest you check it out. (H/T to the mgoboard).


Rivals250 for 2013 updated - More updates for the Rivals recruiting rankings; this time the top-250. Logan Tuley-Tillman saw the biggest drop, but his nagging injury and poor camp performance explain that.

Death threats part of 'just sick' reaction to Michigan recruit Logan Tuley-Tillman burning OSU letter - Speaking of Tuley-Tillman, the letter burning saga continues with, among other things, death threats and mildly disconcerting words of support from teammates. This whole stupid mess can't end soon enough if you ask me. Twitter and the recruiting industrial complex have turned "kids being kids" into something approaching the fervor that surrounds politics and war protests.

Getting to Know Spike Albrecht: Part One and: Part Two - Michigan's Trey Burke Departure Preparedness kit opens up and talks about getting a Michigan offer, playing with former AAU teammates, admiring Zack Novak, and what kind of player he is.

Chemistry 101: John Beilein says 5 new elements will help Michigan basketball team's cohesion

"My early sense for the younger guys coming in, I've watched some of them for three years, some for three months," Beilein told reporters earlier this month. "But I sense that they're all really good teammates, and they'll enhance team chemistry the minute they walk out here. "Because they really have a great spirit about them."

If MIchigan's new players can quickly gel then the sky is the limit for this team, but there will be significant changes to the locker room dynamic that existed over the past couple years -- read: losing Novak and Douglass is a huge deal. I'm not worried yet because everyone seems to be on the same page (i.e. everyone wants to be there), but basketball is a fickle game that caters to large egos but doesn't always massage them.

Team One, Game One - Did you say Happy Birthday to Michigan football yesterday? You should have, as MVictors dug up evidence of May 30th being the anniversary of the very first Michigan football game. Send a card next year.

Proving ground: Legends Division

2. Will Campbell, DT, Michigan: Wolverines fans see Campbell's size and potential as a space eater and continue to wait patiently for the big man to take the next step. There's no better time than this season as Michigan must replace standout defensive linemen Mike Martin and Ryan Van Bergen. The Wolverines could be very good in the defensive back seven, particularly in the secondary, but there are questions up front and Campbell is one of them. Campbell has been better in getting his weight under control, but the senior needs to show he can consistently display the effort and technique needed to make a difference in the interior of the line. A former five-star recruit, the 6-5, 322-pound Campbell has one final opportunity to shine. Michigan needs a big season from No. 73.

Roy Roundtree also makes an appearance at number five on the list. This could be viewed as a positive (two players who could have breakout years) or negative (two players that could continue to disappoint).

Pro Combat Goes B1G: Michigan State Edition

When reached for comment about the new jerseys, Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio gritted his teeth, glared, and calmly took a nitroglycerin tablet from his shirt pocket. He then swallowed the tablet along with the coal-black rage he felt at this latest and most egregious slight, sending both down to the furnace of hate deep in his soul which drives him in his unrelenting quest for college football dominance no matter the cost.

This may be the best yet in BHGP's Pro Combat series. Absolutely hysterical.

A year later, Jim Tressel has no ill will toward Ohio State - Obvious statement is obvious.

Seriously, let's look at the facts: the university stuck by him for months after it came out that he lied about knowing of and covering up major NCAA infractions. Then when absolutely forced to take action the university fired him and fined him, only to rescind the fine and even soften the wording of the dismissal. Later, he is even invited back to speak to the team before The Game.

So yeah, I doubt Jim is going to say anything bad about his former employer or its slightly unhinged, delusional fan base that stood by him until well past the time it was appropriate to do so.

No. 92: Eastern Michigan - Pre-Snap Read takes a look at that little football team from Ypsilanti, the pride of Ron English, the Eagles of Eastern Michigan.