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Friday Happy Hour is runnin' from the law

(Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
(Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Lightning round today. Straight to the links:

Illinois at U-M, MSU at Wisconsin get 3:30 starts on ABC - Michigan now has two afternoon games to go along with three night games.

Notre Dame Football: Tommy Rees Arrest Should Be Enough for Dismissal Tommy Rees was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer. Adam Jacobi lays out the case why Notre Dame needs to remove Rees from the team, and I have to agree with his assessment. What Rees supposedly did was unprovoked and unacceptable. If Notre Dame is serious about its standing as an institution that holds itself to a higher standard --- something that is hard to agree with after some of the incidents in the past couple years --- Rees needs to be removed from the team.


Still, inescapability isn't just a matter of natural talent. Inescapability has a secret friend: good ol' fashioned chemistry. When Rees is sober, he can run easily from most South Bend policemen. Most Notre Dame students and faculty can, and often do, usually while laughing.

The Cautionary Tale Of @Bdubstriviaguru - Twitter is a revolutionary tool for the masses to contact celebrities, interact with writers and journalists, and stay up to date on news. It is also largely unfettered and anonymous. It is troubling to see that, in this case, a registered sex offender was contacting high school and college aged kids, but we should hardly be shocked. This is the same week that Sarah Phillips lost her ESPN freelance job for scamming people on the internet.

2012 College Football Conventional Wisdom Watch: May Edition - I'm not sure I want to live in a world where Notre Dame and Florida are underrated while Boise State and Kansas State are overrated.

John Hollinger: '04 Pistons got lucky, championship should come with an asterisk - Debunking John Hollinger's Pistons hate.

How The New Proposed Playoff System Would Have Played Out Since 1998 - Barking Carnival gives some observations about what would have transpired had we been under the Delany Plan since 1998 (original post by Land-Grant Holyland).

Junior Seau, And Why An Athlete’s Death Is Different

I won't speak for you, but it's this unusual quality that delivers me the extra punch in the gut. I watched Junior Seau when I was 9 years old, and I watched him when I was 27. Of course, I would make a habit of spotting him on the field in the first place because he was great and famous, and because he gave the networks plenty of reasons to show him again in slow motion. And then one day I stopped, or more accurately should have stopped, and realized that across most of my life, I had watched this person do work, act without a finished script, and live the real, uncertain life of a human being.

I can say that of few people: family members, a few friends, and people like Junior Seau.

I cannot recommend this enough. Powerful stuff by SBN's own Jon Bois.