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Wednesday Happy Hour is shaking its fist at Cox Cable.

Thanks to random internet outages at my house (/shakes fist at Cox Cable) in the last 12 hours, we're going to hit the links quickly today.

Bolts reach terms with Ingram, Reyes; sign Molk - Congrats to David Molk who signed a four-year deal with the San Diego Chargers and is heading into the season looking to win the second string center job.

Video: Michigan CB Blake Countess - Blake Countess joins ESPN's Brian Bennett to talk about the defense and the areas of Blake's game that need improvement.

Tremendous: A Few Minor Thoughts - Tremendous weighs in on a few topics of interest, namely: the surprising and unprecedented level of early commitments and the reason behind it (hint, he agrees with me), arm chair scouts calling some kids "undeserving" of offers without much basis other than a quick glance at star ratings on the major sites, and a plea for sanity and restraint on twitter when fans have the urge to contact recruits. Great stuff, as is per usual from Tremendous.

Athletic Director For A Day - I try not to do too much complaining about Dave Brandon because, frankly, I am not well enough informed about the financial side of the athletic department, or its inner workings. However, Brian Cook is about as dialed in as bloggers get these days (read: very) and I found myself rigorously shaking my head in agreement as I read this.

Picture the MWC in 2013 and Beyond - We often think of conference re-alignment in terms of happenings at the top, but some of the most massive changes have taken place at the mid-major level. The next few years in the MWC should be very interesting as someone seeks to fill the power vacuum left by Boise State's absence (and TCU, BYU, and Utah before that).

Ohio State Fans Seek Pediatric Care, Turn To Internet For Help - No, Ohio State fans aren't bitter at all.