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Tuesday Happy Hour mourns for the Auburn community

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I didn't mention this in the HH yesterday, mostly because I wasn't yet up to date on what exactly had happened. I was busy most of Sunday and only caught a few mentions of the tragedy on twitter. Once I got home and started in on the links post I got sidetracked and didn't catch up on the horrible news.

There is a place where college football ends and pure human sadness takes over. The Jerry Sandusky scandal was the most recent instance of this, but when three football players are shot (two killed) at a pool party we have to put away the fandom and football cliches. This is tragedy on a very basic level, and we must come to terms with it.

I know I speak for the whole Maize n Brew community when I say that we are thinking of those effected by this senseless violence, and we all hope for the best for the Auburn community as it recovers from this tragedy.


Michigan football coach Brady Hoke questions media coverage of recruiting

"I can remember Lloyd (Carr), if a guy was a football player and had the character and the integrity and fit the mold at Michigan, because Michigan's not for everybody," Hoke says,"that's who you recruited. "I think we're doing that now. There's a lot of guys with stars, but that's not what we're recruiting."

Brady Hoke isn't all that enamored with the increased attention paid to the national recruiting cycle.

Michigan football team opens as 6-point favorite against Michigan State - If this game is decided by more than a field goal, I'll be shocked. I see this line coming down to the standard -3 Michigan (home team and all) closer to the game.

Michigan to get early start on Pac-12 series - More scuttlebutt on Michigan scheduling Pac-12 teams in advance of the B1G/Pac-12 agreement that is set to take over in a few years. Say Yes to relevant home-and-home games over MAC cupcakes and bodybag games.

Red Hot Chili Peppers' drummer sings 'The Victors' at Ohio State concert - Troll on RHCP, troll on.

The Sandusky Trial: Moving Forward with Opening Statements - Black Shoe Diaries has a long piece looking at the upcoming Jerry Sandusky trial and some of the more technical aspects of the trial and where things are going. A very informative read for those keeping up with the Sandusky scandal as it moves to the courtroom.

Unit Rankings: 2012 Big Ten secondaries - Michigan checks in at number four...and it is totally reasonable. It'll be years before I don't have flashbacks to the 2010 abomination.

Minnesota Has the Scheme, Needs Talent

What’s puzzling — and I noted this in the team preview — is that contrary to his reputation, Tim Brewster did not do a good job recruiting solid talent into the program. This has left Kill attacking issues on two fronts, implementing his system while searching for players who can make it work.

And it’s not easy for Kill and his staff to out-recruit the rest of the Big Ten. For starters, it’s always difficult for the Gophers to bring in major talent. Minnesota is not a talent-rich state; in addition, when the state does produce a highly-ranked prospect, the region’s premier programs — Michigan, Wisconsin, Notre Dame — often come in and steal the Gophers’ thunder.

Commence Panic

See kids, it turns out there's a problem with your diplomas. It turns out we can't give 'em out to everybody we told we could.

I know! I'm shocked too. I see from your reaction that many of you are a little angry. And believe me, so am I. I'd let you all graduate if I could. But the numbers just don't work out that way.

Here's what happened: frankly, we thought you all were a little smarter than this. When your principal said that you were all going to graduate, he kind of thought that meant you were going to make us all look at least somewhat good in doing so. But, sadly, you didn't. So really it comes down to an issue of numbers.

Eleven Warriors, once again kills it with regard to Les Miles' commencement speech.