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Wednesday Happy Hour isn't impressed, but it could be worse

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It seems that Michigan's mystery Pac-12 opponent is going to end up being the same team that helped the Wolverines kick off the Rich Rodriguez years: the Utah Utes.

Color me not impressed.

Utah is a solid football program, but not exactly the most glamorous Pac-12 institution. The Utes ended the season 8-5 but were 4-5 in conference. Now, admittedly there weren't many ways to go given the parameters (who wants to play Colorado? No one?)

On the other hand, this is a major conference program that is stable enough that we won't have to worry about it turning into a complete dumpster fire in the foreseeable future. Michigan gets a solid, if somewhat unspectacular, opponent for the regrettable cost of giving up a home game. When Dave Brandon is non-ironically scheduling games against Appalachian State, I'll take this every day of the week.

Let's go to the links.

Mailbag: How will Michigan get to 24 scholarships? - Discussing the issue of what player might not come back for a fifth year is not an easy thing to do without coming off like an asshole. Magnus avoids that label by A) not mindlessly speculating B) laying out the evidence is a reasonable way and C) knowing more than you or I.

For more recruiting news you should stop by Tremendous. There are quire a few profiles on 2013 and 2014 players that went up in the last couple days, and rather than link to them I figured it was easier to just send oyu to the main page.

Recruiting Roundup: Adidas Nations, Elite 100, EYBL Stats and more - UMHoops rounds up MIchigan recruiting efforts lately.

4 Michigan football recruits rank among Rivals' top 5 in-state players - Sparty can't get no respect.

Michigan to honor Gerald Ford, Bennie Oosterbaan and Ron Kramer as 'Football Legends'

"The success and acceptance of the Desmond Howard 'Legend' recognition led to conversations with the family members who had retired jerseys, several of whom were never recognized or celebrated in the appropriate manner," Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon said in a statement. "The Ford, Kramer and Oosterbaan families want to see their family member honored in this way. "This program is about tradition and legacy and this is a unique way to recognize these great Wolverines."

This is a cool idea, but I share Brian Cook's concerns

If I can make a request (I cannot) could this not be Jordan Kovacs? Or, like, anyone who has established themselves as a guy with a particular number? Kovacs is 32. Roundtree is 12, except he'll be 21 this fall, and that will negatively affect how he's remembered because he won't be consistently one thing. This may be a crazy argument. It is my argument, though, so I say I'd rather have Kovacs keep 32 and have everybody who wears it after him remind me that once we had a really good walk-on safety.:

The cost of recruiting

Or how is it that Ohio State, No. 2 in football revenue at more than $78 million last year, LSU, eighth in revenue, and No. 10 Oklahoma each fall outside the top 20 in spending on football recruiting?

The answers can be found within the circumstances, most of which are complex. When it comes to assigning dollars for football recruiting, no foolproof formula exists.

"Every school and situation is different," second-year Ball State coach Pete Lembo said. "Everybody's home base is going to yield a different number of recruits. Your budget has to fit your philosophy and your plan."

So you want to recruit at a major college level? Start spendin'.

2012 Big 10 Previews: Wisconsin, Over/Under Props - Just Cover looks at Wisconsin. You'll be a better gambler after reading this. You can send my cut of the profit in the mail since I passed along the link.