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Tuesday Happy Hour is sending offers into the future

Recruiting Notebook: Offer Day, Bates-Diop talks Michigan offer, more - I didn't mention this last week, but Michigan sent out its 2014 basketball offers. It was a short list. Devin Baker and Keita Bates-Diop. Both were excited to receive the offer and will be Michigan's top targets for the class in the forseeable future.

Brady Hoke says Michigan's 'aggressive' drug policy is primarily for the safety of players - The summer of marijuana awareness in college football rolls on as Brady Hoke voices his support for Michigan's strict drug policy. If Michigan has actually had this policy in place for the last year (and by all accounts it would seem so) then I am pretty impressed we haven't heard anything from it punishment-wise.

Michigan football program on 'cutting-edge' of concussion research, protocol and prevention

Michigan is the only Big Ten football team with a full-time staffer dedicated to head injuries. Kutcher, who was hired by the university's medical school in 2003 and began working as a part-time volunteer with the athletic department shortly after that, said he isn't aware of another FBS team that employs someone such as himself. That has helped propel the Wolverines to the frontier of concussion research, protocol and prevention. "It has been a process of growth, to the point where we really do have a very cutting-edge relationship," Kutcher said. "It’s something other programs have started to do. They’ve looked at our program as a model, and we’re very proud of that fact.

It is nice to see Michigan taking such a proactive approach to the issue of concussions in football.

In photos: Stars Michigan will face in punishing 2012 season - Fluff from the Detroit News in the form of a slideshow. This passes for informative content in June. You're damn right I clicked through the whole thing.

Top Group List - Offense

I've had people ask me if Michigan is souring on Treadwell or vice-versa. I understand why people ask, but sometimes many fail to forget that it's only June and not every kid wants to make up his mind this early in the process. Like most, I think the Wolverines lead for his services right now and that he is their top overall target on the board. That doesn't necessarily mean he'll end up there though. I guess it's just a timing thing. I don't think they'll pass up on other options if they can get the class wrapped up even sooner. That's just my opinion though. Maybe they are saving a spot for him.

Tremendous takes a look at those players that have Michigan in their top group, and throws out a little opinion in regards to their standing with Michigan.

Stoneburner, Mewhort Lifted From Scholarship; Punished In Show Only

So what does this mean? Honestly, not much. Particularly for Stoneburner, a fifth year senior to be, how much classwork could he possibly have to complete in what's likely a bare minimum summer semester for most student athletes anyways? Mewhort, a junior, could potentially find himself a tiny bit behind the eight ball, but without a full load of classes to worry about, it's nothing anyone with the resources Ohio State football players have at their disposal can't easily make up.

Luke Zimmermann of Land-Grant Holy Land reacts to the Stoneburner and Mewhort punishment.

Mailbag: Is ND really relevant? - Bruce Feldman discusses the steady decent of Notre Dame, how well Wisconsin will do this year, and what does Bill O'Brien's first season have in store.

Urban Meyer's OSU contract carves lucrative escape route from Tressel-era surprises

On Meyer's end, the contract also requires written notification to the school about any potential NCAA violation he knew about or "should have (in Ohio State's determination) reasonably known about" – language that was not in his predecessor's contract – and would force Meyer to repay all bonus money if he fails to do so. No word on whether this clause falls under the heading "Pulling a Tressel."

Urban Meyer's contract info was released, and you can see he made sure to cover his ass in case anything from the past came back to bite the program. I don't think it is significant, because could you imagine a coach walking away from a program as the NCAA drops the hammer? That 1.5m a year would have to go a long way because he would have a hard time talking anyone into hiring him. Who am I kidding, it's Urban Meyer, someone would probably still hire him.


Nothing you wouldn't expect from the Mitten: a distant sunrise scene of the state's founder, Sasquatch*, held up by two stags without opposable thumbs. The implication is that the state of Michigan fantasizes about being the Lucky Pierre between two ten point bucks. If that's what you need, Michigan, we're not judging. (Neither would the spirit of your furry, misunderstood, and very shy founder.)

*Or Brian Cook. They're hard to tell apart, and similar in habits.

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