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SB Nation Hall of Fame: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Any arguments? (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Any arguments? (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Every year the college football Hall of Fame goes through the motions of inducting another class of players into its ranks, and every year we all groan and complain about the arcane selection rules and obvious snubs.

Well, SB Nation has had enough, and figured it is time for all of us to put our money where out mouth is.

Over the next few days the crew over here at Maize n Brew needs to come up with five nominees for the initial SB Nation Hall of Fame class. There are a few stipulations.

1. The player or coach must have been out of the game for at least four years (so no one who has played after 2007 or is currently playing. Sorry Denard, we'll get you in as soon as we can, I promise).

2. Only one selection per position. Positions break down as such: QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB, ST, Coach. This means my original plan of an all-kicker and punter class. Also, Lloyd Carr just walked into a buzz saw.

3. Third, and this one is going to be tough, SB Nation is trying its best to adhere to the "You've seen 'em play" rule. I know we all love Gerry Ford, Tom Harmon, and the rest of the old school generation of players and coaches, but you'll excuse me for not taking seriously the vote of some 19-year-old for a football player who died before the voter was born. This will weight the list heavily to the last 20 years. This is fine.

4. There are some shoe-ins for this. By that I mean, a Heisman trophy gets you a free pass into the five (come on down Desmond and Chuck). Also, if you want to tell me not to include Bo* on this list I've got somewhere uncomfortable you can shove your opinion (the back of a Volkswagon?). This means we are looking to fill two slots, and those slots can't be DB, WR, or coach.

Thus your task, Maize n Brew commentariat, is to give me a list of who you want to see those other two spots go to. I will pull all the names from the comments and at the end of the week we will have a vote for the remaining two spots. Feel free to leave your argument for why player X should be included in the final five, and if it is good I will include it in the final submissions to SB Nation.

Isn't the guise of democracy great?

*(Yes, I am blatantly breaking rule #3 because I was five-years-old when Bo retired. Again, you know where to lodge your objections.)