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SB Nation Hall of Fame: Time To Vote

Okay, earlier in the week I laid out the rules and went about nominating the three painfully obvious HoF candidates (Bo, Desmond, and Charles). Then I asked for your help picking those last two spots. You all gave me some suggestions, and the time has come to vote.

I took your suggestions, added a few myself, and have put together a poll. Choose one and the top two vote getters will make the cut. Also, I decided to enter Desmond as a special teams player, so we can still vote for Edwards or Carter if you are so inclined. If I forgot someone you only have yourself to blame for not nominating them earlier in the week.

Remember, this is going to be enshired forever in the SB Nation Hall of Fame. Make your pick count.

(The poll will be open all weekend and Monday until 5pm).