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Michigan's future opponents: Utah, Colorado, UNLV, App State, Oregon State, NOT Notre Dame

Oregon State.  Feel the excitement. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Oregon State. Feel the excitement. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The athletic department dumped a whole bunch of scheduling news in our laps today. Some we already knew, some we had a good idea about, some makes us all scratch our heads and go whaaaa?

The Known

Michigan will play Appalachian State to open the 2014 season.

/Insert joke here.

We knew this. At least some of us. Twitter is apparently up to date on all news that isn't a potential schadenfreude redefining moment in college sports.

We also knew that Michigan and Notre Dame would eventually take a slight break in their series. This isn't the first time and if memory serves, the idea has been floated around. We now have exact dates: 2018-2019. The series will pick up the year after. The scoring won't stop.

The Kinda Already Known

Michigan was hinting at a home and home with a Pac-12 opponent weeks back, and all signs pointed to Utah.

If you kept Utah as your final answer, you win a big bag of nothing because obvious answers are obvious and we aren't made of money over here.

Yes, it is Utah. Commence your collective "Meh." However, if gimmicky scheduling and MAC football get you excited, hoooo-boy are you in for a doozy. Utah will host Michigan in 2015 (the year after the Utes travel to Ann Arbor) in a Thursday night game. Somewhere Dave Brandon is buying an intrepid PR staffer a nice, cold celebartory malt drink over an order of chicken fingers at Chachkies, Shenanigans, some restaurant with crazy shit the walls and an emphasis on pieces of flair. You guys really nailed it.

The Unknown

Basically the rest of the schedule, and don't worry, we saved some excitement for last. How would you like to play two middling-to-bad Pac-12 teams at home in back to back years? You don't care you say? Well we have a home game in 2015 scheduled against Oregon State and a home game scheduled in 2016 against Colorado to try to change your mind.

Also, UNLV will be on the schedule with Notre Dame to round out the 2015 slate of non-conference games. At least there aren't any MAC games.

/positive thinking

So, Maize n Brewers, are you underwhelmed?


Are. You. Underwhelmed?