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Wednesday Happy Hour is getting words of encouragement

Does anyone think that might be sarcasm?

I overslept and we have a full day of content coming, so here are the links to get you started.

UConn AD says school will not move Michigan game out of Rentschler Field - Michigan's guaranteed home game with UConn comes up next season, and it is looking increasingly like Michigan will play in front of the smallest crowd it has in a long time.

Asmussen's No. 1 is ... Michigan - I'll have what he's having. Make it a double.

Michigan commits lead the way in first Indiana Junior-Senior All-Star Exhibition - Nice to see that out of ten committed Big Ten prospects -- including Indiana Mr. Basketball Gary Harris -- that it is Michigan commits Zak Irvin and Glenn Robinson III leading the way.

From the film room: Henry Poggi

Poggi tackles well by using his long arms to wrap up ball carriers. He shows a good sense of when the blocker is off-balance and quickly takes advantage of it. He shows a good motor by tracking down the ball and using good angles to make tackles.

This young man is a smart player for his age, which will pay dividends as he gets older.

More scouting on Henry Poggi.

Michigan Museday is Captain Recruiting Hindsight - Seth from mgoblog takes a look at past recruiting classes to try and better answer the question on everyone's mind, is this the best Michigan football recruiting class ever?

Other Things Logan Tuley-Tillman Has Inadvisably Burned On The Internet

Jim Bollman's Playbook

LTT on decision: "It's a complicated story involving subspace dimensions, but the short version is it threatened to suck the entire universe into an alternate physics where anything that leaves the ground explodes in a shower of viscera. This was revealed by Tate's answer to question 5.5, which I unfortunately had to burn to save the CFL."

OSU fans' reactions: Weeping joy.

Negative outcome: Happy OSU fans.

Mgoblog has really upped the standard for humorous off season content with its posts this week.

The Mad Men-Big Ten Mashup - Come for the comparison of Michigan to Roger Sterling, stay for the hilarious comparison of Michigan State to Duck Phillips. Bravo, TMill. Anyone who likes Mad Men and Big Ten football is going to love this.

NCAA Football 13: Player Ratings Leaking, Reported Team Ratings Confusing - Michigan comes in with a 91 ranking on defense, 94 ranking on offense, 97 overall, and a prestige rating of 6. Cue Michigan State fan outrage at the MSU defense being rated 89 (probably too low IMHO).

Why Craig James, A Terrible Politician, Will Stay On Your TV Forever

He's a terrible candidate, but Craig James was born to be on TV. He has a loud, clear voice and he enunciates every word. He also has a large head, which is important because a television camera has to turn three visual dimensions into two, and big heads do a better job making this transformation. I rarely enjoyed the content of what he said, but he certainly had the skill to say it.

The lesson, as always, don't watch cable news.

Milestone: Integrity – and a Sense of Place

What does matter in the age of "churnalism" is the ability to quickly push out spot news, rewrites of press releases, rewrites of other publication’s articles, "instant analysis" – an oxymoron if there ever was one – and other fodder to drive site traffic, and in turn generate ad revenue.

Highlighting drama and conflict has always been a staple of mainstream media, and provocative, misleading headlines are nothing new. Some readers of like to grouse about the bottom-feeding nature of the comments left on articles, but in many cases the comments seem like simply an amped-up version of the stories themselves. When a publication trades on fomenting artificial controversy, is it really a surprise when the comments written there reflect the community’s lowest common denominator?

A great critique of and its overall business model by the Ann Arbor Chronicle, centering around a report done last year on fire department response times, and the critical errors published in that report. If you're into journalism -- what's left of it -- this is a great read.