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Wednesday Happy Hour is reminding you to Vote or , the SBNHOF depends on it

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In the past couple weeks we have been talking more about the inaugural SB Nation Hall of Fame class. I nominated a few players and let you, the community, vote on the rest. That gave us a list of five MnB nominees to send off to the mother ship.

Now things are rolling up top. The HoF selection committee took all the entries and selected ten players who were in unanimously. One of those is our very own Desmond Howard, who was announced yesterday as the last of the ten.

To fill the other ten spots in this year's HoF class, SB Nation has decided to leave it to the fans. Michigan, you'll be happy to know, is well represented on the list. In the end it will come down to a vote by the fans. The polls will be open all weekend and the nominees will be announced today and tomorrow.

The first batch is a group of coaches, including one Bo Schembechler.

If you don't want Bo to lose out to the likes of Hayden Fry, Tom Osborne, or -- gasp -- Jim Tressel, then you'd better go cast your vote (HERE).

As other nominees with Michigan ties are announced, I'll fan shot it to let you all know.

Now go do your duty as Michigan fans, and let's paint the SB Nation Hall of Fame blue.


Michigan basketball PG Trey Burke receives lofty praise at LeBron James Skills Academy

"He showed efficient shot-making, distributed the basketball and had an all-around game," the site explained. "He should be one of the elite point guards in college basketball next season as he continues to progress and impress with his skill level."

Trey Burke continues to garner praise on the summer camp circuit, and so does Tim Hardaway Jr. If the freshmen come in ready to compete, the 2012 bball team could be scary good.

Ranking the Big Ten coaching Jobs

2. Michigan: No Big Ten program has greater long-term tradition than Michigan, and Brady Hoke and his assistants are showing just how dangerous the Wolverines can be on the recruiting trail. Recent facilities upgrades -- stadium, indoor practice facility -- have made Michigan an even better position and certainly a destination job for many coaches.

Michigan and Ohio State are number one and two on the list in the least surprising move ever, and Penn State comes in at number three on the feeling that the Sandusky scandal can't wash away all the other inherent advantages of the job.

Take the Field - Holdin' the Rope goes in search of Carl Grapentine's voice and just comes out the other side missing football season even more.Michigan's Joe Reynolds, Jack Kennedy hope to score with music

Mizzou Moves To The SEC: Coaching Hires And The Butterfly Effect

I've said many times through the years that making a coaching change is the single scariest, most significant thing an athletic department can do. Because nobody is actually very good at it, it should be done only when there are no other feasible options for success. A bad hire could lead to a diminished program, which might lead to limited options for future hires, etc. A great hire can change everything.

The Air Raid Offense: History, Evolution, Weirdness - From Mumme to Leach to Franklin to Holgorsen and Beyond - Full disclosure: I haven't read this yet. It is long. Really long. But it is Chris Brown talking about the Air Raid offense, so you know its going to be straight up awesome and so informative you'll feel like you just got done pulling an all nighter with Hal Mumme, Mike Leach, and Dana Holgorsen at some dive bar in west Texas (only minus what I can only imagine would be one helluva hangover).

MWC commissioner Craig Thompson predicts college football playoff will expand to eight teams

"I know we're saying four teams for 12 years," Thompson said. "But I don't see it as a four-team playoff for 12 years. I just don't see it. If there is success with four, I think we will go to what is most ideal, which is eight. That would double the access points."

New coaches in the SEC: a handy and unscientific guide

The new things for Auburn are really, really good news. Your defense is no longer on fire, since Fire Chief Ted Roof will take his unique brand of defense ("Let the offense have the ball, they're better at holding onto it anyway." ) to Penn State. If you are a Penn State fan reading this: everything will be fine as long as you have a Cam Newton. You have one of those just hanging around, yes? Look into that.

Spencer Hall takes a look at the new faces on the sidelines this fall in SEC territory.