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Friday Happy Hour is coming in two parts

First part is football. The next part will be Penn State focused.

In first scrimmages, Michigan basketball freshmen 'destroy' veterans and show their chops in the process

He knew they were athletic, he knew they had talent and he knew they could do a lot of things in several different areas.

He thought he knew it all.

And then he really found out. "The first two or three (scrimmages), they destroyed us," the Michigan junior guard said with a laugh. "I think they were pretty excited."

Man oh man, I'm pretty pumped for football season, but it seems like every time I read something about the incoming freshman class or the development of Michigan's returning players it is wildly positive. This is setting up to be a very fun year for Michigan basketball.

Recruitin' Mailbag: Treadwell, Farrell On Charlton, 2014 Needs - Ace over at Mgoblog starts a recruiting mailbag feature that is well worth the read.

The Tremendous 2014 Hot List - The guys from Tremendous teamed up with a couple guys from Eleven Warriors to come up with a list of the top prospects for each Midwest state in 2014. Consider this your early primer on the recruiting battles that are going to take place over the next year.

HFMR's Summer Running Tour - Volume 1 - Sometimes you just want to grab a blog and hug it tightly like Lenny with a puppy. BHGP is that blog for me. Seriously, I don't know what it is about people from Iowa, whether its all the emptiness surrounding them, a diet rich in steroid-fueled corn, or boredom, but SB Nation's two funniest team sites are arguably BHGP and Wide Right Natty Lite. Anyway, the link is BHGPer Hayden Fry's Mustache Ride running a marathon in jean shorts with a #followadam_jacobi sign pinned to his ass. My summary doesn't do the post justice.

2012 Ohio State Football Preview: A Redshirt Year - Bill Connelly previews Ohio State entering its "redshirt" year.

No. 59: Northwestern

Unlike a certain quarterback’s Achilles tendon, Northwestern is firmly attached to its current location: six or seven wins in the regular season, followed by a loss during bowl play. This is Northwestern football as run by Pat Fitzgerald, the legendary middle linebacker who has lifted N.U. into a position where a postseason run isn’t merely a nice surprise but a designated expectation. Unfortunately, those who have seemingly forgotten the Wildcats’ dire past — you wouldn’t think it was possible — are no longer satisfied with six or seven wins; to this slice of the fan base, six or seven wins should have already been used as a springboard to Rose Bowl contention. I can think of three things wrong with that point of view: Michigan, Michigan State and Nebraska — and that’s just in the Legends division. It pays to be pragmatic, especially when your pragmatism involves Northwestern football.

Pre-Snap Read on Northwestern football in 2012, or, er, whenever.