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Tuesday Happy Hour isn't calling on the NCAA either

Straight to the links today:

Michigan basketball coach John Beilein wants to keep his staff intact as long as possible - This is a smart move by Beilein, and should pay big recruiting dividends down the road. The additions of Bacari Alexander and LaVall Jordan have had a big effect on the team, and with the way Michigan's athletic department is making money, this is a smart investment.

Michigan Stadium now open for weddings - Yeah, I would totally spend the money on this.

Know Thy Opponent 2012: Michigan Wolverines - Hammer and Rails takes a look at Michigan this coming season, and makes a general prediction for the game in Purdue.

Shane Morris, Deshaun Watson, Other QBs Shine At IMG 7-On-7 National Championship - Shane Morris continues to play on the camp circuit, and does his best to impress scouts.


7:25 pm, Friday: Driving back to campus, Boise State passes a condemned apartment complex. Someone has neglected to remove the "If you lived here, you'd be home by now!" banner out front. Is this a sign, Boise wonders? Well, ok, yes it's a literal sign. But does it mean I should stay? Am I really ready to travel all the way across the country? Will my new home be any better than this apartment complex full of fire ant colonies?

They can always add another round of playoffs - Blutarsky on the NFL's recent problem of selling tickets and drumming up interest in the game day experience. Anyone who didn't see this coming is fooling themselves.

Not In Our Stars, But In Ourselves: Isaiah Crowell And The Great Disconnect In Athens

Remember when Isaiah Crowell first declared his commitment to UGA on National Signing Day 2011? Of course you do -- it was nationally televised on ESPN, live from Columbus, Georgia, with Crowell hoisting a (borrowed) English bulldog puppy on the dais to announce his choice. That spectacle followed months of praise for Crowell's physical talents (he was a consensus five-star prospect), speculation over where he'd go (Nick Saban's Alabama recruiting machine was the other program competing for his loyalty), and breathless commentary over what it'd mean if he chose Georgia (more than one analyst said he was the guy who'd save Richt's then precarious job). Basically, Crowell was not just a superstar but a potential savior before he'd recorded a single carry in a Georgia uniform -- before he'd even registered as a Georgia student.

Penn State Scandal Link Dump of Awesome Writing:

NCAA Should Stay Out of the Penn State/Sandusky Mess - Ty Duffy

The NCAA is not an ultimate arbiter. It is a regulatory body for sports rules. It polices summer jobs, supplementary textbooks and bagel toppings. It determines the value of a night spent on a football player’s futon. It struggles to do that equitably, competently and in a timely fashion. A child molestation coverup and criminal activity is outside and beyond the organization’s purview. The NCAA does not "have to do something." This would be like the EPA fining a company found guilty of fraud and embezzlement.


There are ways to write about the long trail of the Sandusky case, but somewhere in this, you cross the Nancy Gracepoint. In the face of atrocity, you look for some rationale, some protocol, a straight, unbroken line in an exploded space. Take a statue down, or put one up, or suggest the insanity of foresight. Throw everything down the memory hole. Demand the NCAA, an organization with no legal or moral purview whatsoever, do insane, unjustifiable things to a team that received no on-field benefit whatsoever from this.

Penn State Scandal: Explaining The Jerry Sandusky Appeals Process - Bobby Big Wheel

Jerry Sandusky's trial is over, but we haven't heard the last of him; his attorney has indicated that he will appeal the jury's verdict. If you've ever watched Law & Order, Franklin and Bash or Night Court (the last of which is the only accurate legal show) you have probably heard a defendant say that he will appeal a verdict. But you probably weren't explained what exactly an appeal entails. That's why I'm here with another Q&A to explain the appeals process.