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Tuesday Happy Hour is back from vacation

Blog life.
Blog life.

That lack of morning link columns you saw over the past few days was no accident. Hubbard Lake called, and I answered. Back to regularly scheduled programming from here on out.

18 Michigan athletes headed to London for Olympics - This list is a few weeks old, but it is none the less a good one to keep in mind while watching the Olympics. Michigan is pretty well represented at the games, but that comes with its share of heartbreak.

Way Too Early Expectations-o-Meter: Matt Vogrich - More from Holdin' the Rope on the 2012 basketball season. This time Matt Vogrich comes up.

Vogrich should carve out a pretty solid role as a bench player that can come in and provide a boost. Often last year it was Vogrich finding seams on backdoor cuts for layups, and despite being labeled with the pigeon-holing moniker of "three-point specialist", Vogrich has more things in his tool box than just an outside shot. If he can find his stroke this year he could be a valuable part of the team when the starters need a break.

Michigan's Will Campbell has been praised before, but Brady Hoke explains why this year is different - More Will Campbell hype. If Big Will can come in and play even half as well as the praise that has been thrown his way this off season then the defensive line should be fine. Still, I'll believe that Campbell's off field demeanor and focus will have an effect on his on field performance when I see it September 1st.

Breaking down U-M, MSU weaknesses | Michigan Wolverines

"(Robinson's) dynamic ability isn't exactly a secret at this point in his career, but what about those around the veteran quarterback? Anyone at back or receiver got the speed and chops to complement the senior's knack for the big play?"

In this edition of "an ESPN Columnist says something misguided", the beat writers at the freep break down Travis Haney's look at Michigan (and other conference challengers') biggest weakness. Now, if Haney looked past Toussaint because of legal issues, that is understandable. However, Michigan didn't have a classic big play receiver last year and the offense was still good enough and dynamic enough to win double digit games. The better weaknesses to highlight would be the unproven defensive line or the complete lack of depth on the offensive line.

2012 Season Countdown: #31 Joey Burzynski - Speaking of the offensive line, Touch the Banner looks at the competition for the starting LG spot, and walk-on Joey Burzynski's push to win it.

Going into the 2012 season, I have a hard time believing he will hold onto that starting spot. My gut feeling from the spring is that when the Alabama game arrives, the starting left guard will be Elliott Mealer. Burzynski did not appear to be particularly impressive, and while he's put on enough weight to be a viable option in the size department, I'm not sure that will be the deciding factor. To reiterate my theory, I think the coaches might have started Burzynski at left guard in the spring game to test him and to have a complete second unit.

Walk on linemen aren't unheard of, and there are plenty of success stories. The offensive line is notoriously hard to scout for when it comes to high school players because rarely is a player close to where he will need to be physically to compete at the college game (not to mention the up and down nature of high school competition). On top of that, Burzynski seems to have gotten his weight up to an acceptable level for a starting offensive lineman. However, I'm still with the skeptics. I think Burzynski will be a solid backup guard, but there hasn't been anything I've read in scouting reports or seen with my own eyes that announce him as a viable starter.

Derrick Walton leads Michigan Mustangs to Adidas Super 64 title - Derrick Walton continues to impress and stake a claim to a better recruiting ranking.