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Wednesday Happy Hour wishes everyone a happy July 4th

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images for NASCAR)
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images for NASCAR)
Getty Images for NASCAR

Just a few links today. Everyone have a safe and happy holiday.

Michigan Wolverines 2012 preview

"So I don't know. I'm sure two weeks into fall camp we'll have a little better idea of where we're at. I think we'll be a young football team in some ways, and that's always good. And I think at the same time, if seniors continue to grow as a class together, then we can be a better football team."

ESPN rolls out its Blue RIbbon preview for this year and Michigan is the one free preview in the Legends division (OSU is the free preview in the Leaders division). Nothing groundbreaking, but if you're the kind of person who devours previews like this, it isn't a bad read.

Tremendous cames out with two very interesting recruiting posts for 2014 on Tuesday. First is Five Parts of Team 135 that outlines five players that Tremendous expects to land in the 2014 class. The follow up is Four More (possible) Parts of Team 135 where four other strong possibilities are discussed. If this comes to pass it is hard to see Michigan not putting together the foundation of a top-five class in 2014.

2012 Michigan Wolverines Football Preview: A Year's Difference - So if the ESPN Blue Ribbon preview was just run of the mill, Bill Connelly's preview over at the SB Nation mothership is the kind of serious discussion of Michigan's 2012 chances that every fan should read. Do that now.

Big Ten impact game: Legends division - More from ESPN as the Big Ten blog discusses the biggest game on the schedule in the Legends division: Michigan vs. Michigan State.

Top guard David Dawson remembers his father as he prepares for The Opening

Not only did Dawson land the invite to The Opening, he also earned offensive lineman MVP honors, and he'll be one of the headliners for the Elite Lineman Challenge at the event in Beaverton, Ore., from July 5-8. Dawson has his father in his mind as the event kicks off this week. "I will just be thinking about the last time he told me he was really proud of me," Dawson says. "That's what really fires me up."

A great profile on the trials and tribulations that UM recruit David Dawson has been forced to deal with these last few months surrounding the death of his father.

Not B1G 2012 Notre Dame//The Loudest Guys In The Room - See if Ted Glover can go an entire article without cracking a joke at Notre Dame's expense (hint: he can't).