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Friday Happy Hour eats hotdogs until it pukes

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Spencer Hall engages in the most American of pastimes: competitive eating. SB Nation's video channel is really putting out some great work lately, and only getting better.

No, they don't pay me to say that.

ESPN rates Michigan basketball PG Trey Burke as the fourth-most indispensable player in America

"When Burke (14.8 ppg, 4.6 apg) announced his return to the Wolverines, he turned the program into a national title contender," wrote Medcalf, who rated Burke as the fourth-most indispensable player in America. "Glenn Robinson and Mitch McGary anchor one of the Big Ten’s top recruiting classes. Tim Hardaway Jr. is back, too. But Burke is the nucleus. He’s the guy that can elevate the Wolverines throughout the regular season and in March, when it will matter most."

If ESPN had watched how Michigan depended on Burke last year, and how little proven production exists behind him at PG, methinks he would move up the list to no. 1.

A Few Recruiting Notes 7/5 - Stop by Tremendous for a lot of recruiting information that includes a list of risers and fallers in the rankings, Laquon Treadwell, and The Opening.

Notre Dame writer says beating Michigan is the top priority for the Fighting Irish this season - Michigan writers then all pretty much agree that Notre Dame is like the fourth most important game on the schedule for Michigan. U MAD, Notre Dame?

Speaking of the Irish, OTE is looking at the team from South Bend as part of its Big Ten preview, so check out the long cocktail party Q&A piece and the even longer email discussion between Ted Glover and Kennardhusker.

The South Will Rise Again? - DJ Byrnes over at Land-Grant Holy Land is quickly becoming a bit of an assassin when it comes to these take down articles. This one is no different as he goes after the SEC for weak non-conference scheduling.

Arkansas Football Coach Smith Says He's Close to Bankruptcy

Look, people tend to like Smith, and maybe his business deals don’t reflect on the man, but you could do worse than to have a coach who will literally go for broke. "I jump out of airplanes, climb mountains and run with the bulls," he told Hawgs Illustrated earlier this year. "If there is an open window, I jump through it."

Is it any wonder John L. jumped at the opportunity to come back to Arkansas for a one year deal while walking out on Weber State? Other than the fact that its Weber State.

"If you can, you do it. If you can’t, you fold." - The Senator takes a look at the biggest losers in the new college football post season structure. It is, surprisingly, the bowl system.

Good news, have-nots: Why the playoffs won't be "BCS 2.0" for non-AQs

Much of the reaction to the ACC-Orange Bowl agreement has answered the latter question with a resounding "No." The Idaho Statesman's Brian Murphy, a Boise State beat writer, writes that the playoff is "starting to look like BCS 2.0." ESPN's Andrea Adelson asked "How is [the playoff] different than the system we have today?" and replied "It's not." And's own Dennis Dodd wrote Tuesday that the playoff "is looking a lot like the old BCS" and wished the have-nots a pessimistic "good luck." To which we'd respond: not so fast, our friends.

Really, anything that includes more than two teams chosen by a highly guarded formula full of computer rankings and opinions of Harris poll voters is better than the status quo. Still, someone will find some way to complain.