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Monday Happy Hour is closing The Opening

It was a busy weekend in recruiting as some of the top high school seniors-to-be gathered in Oregon for Nike's oddly named The Opening, a showcase of the top players in the country.

There was a good deal of drama surrounding the event with Laquon Treadwell making it seem almost inevitable that he will commit to Michigan. Meanwhile, there were rumors that David Dawson could be waffling in his commitment as it came out that he planned to camp at Florida. That trip was quickly cancelled and Dawson affirmed his pledge to the Wolverines:

"I'm a #MichiganMan," he tweeted. "So what u hear or read is irrelevant!! #GoBlue #TEAM134"

In actual camp performance news, Jourdan Lewis came in for some high praise from observers as one of the top performers in the seven on seven competition while winning the skills competition.

Magnus over at Touch The Banner has some reactions to the camp performance of Michigan's 2013 commits, and Anthony will have a lot more for you later today in his recruiting roundup.

Time for some more links:

Michigan coach Brady Hoke would change academic year | Michigan Wolverines | Detroit Free Press

"They need to redefine what the academic year is in Division I football," he said in early June. "We have contact and we can be with our players for class issues, whatever it might be (during spring). Summer starts, academic year is over and we're not allowed to be with our players. But they're going to make sure our (academic progress rate) is where it needs to be, make sure we all do. We all do it. Our players' behavior is monitored and consequences for those things. Because we do believe in consequences.

Penn State abuse report is expected to be 'very tough' on Joe Paterno, according to sources - It will be interesting to A) read a report that specifically looks at Penn State's reaction to Jerry Sandusky's actions and B) see just what the investigators looked at.


OHIO STATE: Weed. Wildly popular. Gets smoked by SEC football players in bowls.

Michigan is, not surprisingly, opium, the intellectual drug of the 1930s.

No. 64: Illinois

Illinois is only good at football when it has a Butkus. Any Butkus will do, whether Dick, Mark or Luke, but this is important: Illinois must have a Butkus. Illinois went 16-11-1 from 1962-64, when Dick was wreaking havoc at linebacker. Thanks in part to Mark’s all-American play at defensive tackle, the Illini went 27-18-1 from 1980-83. Luke, an all-Big Ten center, helped Illinois go 26-20 from 1998-2001. Illinois has won three outright Big Ten titles in six decades: 1963, 1983 and 2001. Dick, Mark and Luke. Combined, the family Butkus holds a career record of 69-49-2 when lined up for the Illini, winning games at 58.5 percent clip. Without a Butkus in uniform, Illinois is 511-485-48 — a winning percentage of 51.3 percent. In summation: For Illinois, it’s either Butkus or bubkes.

Paul Myerberg previews Illinois in the post-Zook era.

SB Nation College Football Hall Of Fame's Inaugural Class Revealed This Week - A couple weeks ago we did a vote over here for our nominees to the SB Nation Hall of Fame. Soon the inaugural class will be announced. Stay tuned for more.