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Wednesday Happy Hour wishes Chris Wormley a speedy recovery

Fall camp inevitably comes with the kinds of minor and major injuries that can have long lasting effects on a player's career, and few injuries are worse than an ACL tear. Here is hoping that after a red shirt year to recover that he can still have a productive career at Michigan.

Russell Bellomy might be Michigan's best option at QB after Denard Robinson - Today in questionable leaps in judgment: The Case for Russell Bellomy as number two.

It does stand to reason that the coaches have some faith in Bellomy. If the quarterback situation were so dire that there was literally only one serviceable option behind Robinson, that option wouldn't be running post routes into safety help.

However, Bellomy didn't do anything remarkable at the spring game -- he wasn't bad, just not the revelation that one would expect of a suddenly strong contender for the QB2 spot -- and he is still just a RS-Fr. It's a nice fluff piece, but ultimately Bellomy is probably still the third string option.

Media Day: Taylor Lewan - Tremendous caught up with Taylor Lewan at media day and had a few interesting questions for the hulking left tackle.

Best piece of advice from Molk: "Dave didn't really have a final statement to me as far as anything specific, but one thing he really did was showed me how to take leadership of this team. He showed me how to not start from ground zero like we may have in the past and instead talked about building upon what we accomplished each practice and each game. One of the bigger things he's done for me was really show me how to become a leader".

Walter White Approves The Preseason Big Ten Football Power Rankings - Hammer and Rails, hits the nail on the head.

2. Michigan Wolverines - Jesse Pinkman - "So you understand what "asshole" means. Now go get me my phenylacetic acid, asshole."

Walter needs a sidekick and it is Jesse. Wisconsin needs a pairing in the Big Ten title game and it is the Wolverines, led by a brash, cocky coach that I can definitely see yelling, "YEAH BITCH!" on the sidelines after Denard Robinson completes another jump ball. Brady Hoke utters, "We're Michigan," as if it gives him carte blanche to do anything. That's Jesse throwing around his new found wealth left and right.

Michigan isn't as calculating as Wisconsin. They play it fast and loose with Robinson much like Jesse in his free-wheeling, meth-addled days. In fact, Jesse's experimentation with heroin in season 2 could aptly describe the RichRod era. Jesse is every bit the cook that Walter is now, however, and Michigan is every bit of a threat to win the conference that Wisconsin is.

Countdown: 19 || Countdown: 17 || Countdown 16 - Look, it's Spencer Hall just writing about college football and making you damn near cry because you realize that you don't do anything as well as Spencer writes about college football. So read it. All of it. Thank me later.

Oregon's Offense: What Makes Them So Ducking Good? - Last week over at Football Study Hall former Arizona State Sun Devil linebacker Mike Nixon talks about just what makes the Oregon spread offense so dangerous.

As someone who loves that show all I can say is: awesome.While the spread is the generic term thrown at college offenses that work primarily from the shotgun, it is obvious not all spreads are created equal. Some spread philosophies derive from the run and shoot, while others' foundations stem from the zone-read. Others even claim to be a hybrid of the two. What is undeniable though, is the impact the spread offense has had on college football over the past decade. More recently, let's say the past five seasons, no team has run the spread more effectively and more consistently than the Oregon Ducks. So the question then is, what makes Oregon's offense so darn good?

To simplify the answer as much as possible, in my opinion, there are three key elements to Oregon's success: 1) Confusion, 2) Space, 3) Athletes.

If you are into the x's and o's of football at all this is an absolute must read.