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Wednesday Happy Hour is reliving the past glories over Alabama

It's getting close...


Contemplations on the pre-season depth chart - Maize and Blue News talks about the depth chart. released Monday.

Michigan has 13 freshmen listed on the depth chart, which does not include wide receiver Jehu Chesson, who offensive coordinator Al Borges recently discussed as a possible early contributor. That the Wolverines have so many freshmen listed in and of itself should not be a concern. Even the fact that five of them are on the two-deep should not cause excessive anxiety.

Click through for the rest of Matt's argument. I don't necessarily agree that the amount of freshmen MIchigan may depend on isn't concerning. I don't think Michigan is doomed because of it, but to count on production from kids that young seems like a worst case scenario.

Denard Robinson, Heisman Trophy winner and national champion? Book it, Wolverines - I'll have what he's having.


It's Kool-aid. He's drinking lots and lots of Kool-aid.

8/25 Michigan Practice. From a fan's perspective - This was my first stop over at UBU, and it doesn't look like the site is all that active, but these Mott practice observations are worth a look. Hopefully there is a little more activity over there.

Wolverines Issue of the Week: Fitz Toussaint's status vs. Alabama and how it impacts Michigan's chances - looks at both sides of the coin regarding how Toussaint's status ultimate affects things against Alabama. On his chances of return:

Likely, Toussaint is facing specific criteria for reinstatement. That signals he has a good chance of playing. Also, it's worth noting his guilty plea Tuesday for operating a vehicle while visibly impaired could actually help him. That's a lesser offense than the operating a vehicle charge he was facing.

What to expect: Linebackers 2012 - Chris at BWS surveys the linebackers and is pretty pleased. Gone are the days of Obi Ezeh, bless his heart.

The point is, the strongest aspect of Demens' game is coming downhill on blitzes and stuffing the run. I don't think he'll ever be an elite coverage linebacker, which limits Mattison's blitzing schemes a bit, but not enough to be a hindrance. This year, expect the same from Demens: stout against the run, good at wrapping up tackles, and a suspect cover guy. It wouldn't surprise me to see Demens pulled off the field occasionally on nickel packages to get a more fleet-of-foot linebacker on the field. Otherwise, Demens is the defensive anchor in the front seven.

Michigan "Hate" Week - Roll Bama Roll looks to pile on some hate. Leave the hate to the professionals, guys.

Fan Film Breakdown: Say Roll Tide, I'll Give You Another Piece of Ice - Alabama fans either a few minutes before or after they record something that they will totally send into America's Funniest Home Videos. - Michigan comes in at 24th with 18.6 percent of the stadium occupied by students, and 15th with 52 percent of the enrolled student population invested in games. TCU, by this survey's count, has 99.18% of its student population in the stadium when all 8000 student tickets are used. Crazy.