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2012 Michigan Season Preview: The Predictions Roundtable


What is Michigan's final record (and Big Ten record)?

Shash - I see Michigan with either two or three losses. I don't think they match up well with Alabama unless Denard goes ham, and I think Michigan loses two of three @ND, @OSU, and @Nebraska. I'd love to be wrong, though. I still think they get to the championship game.

Anthony - I'll go with 9-3 (6-2) with the losses to Alabama, Nebraska and Ohio State. Michigan will give Alabama a run for their money but in the end they're too good, and I don't see a weak Wolverine defensive line stopping Nebraska's option offense. Finally, and it sickens me to say it, Braxton Miller playing under Meyer in the 'Shoe really scares me.

Sarah - This will be kind of hard to gauge, but I believe Michigan's final record will be 10-2, with their losses being to Alabama and Nebraska, and their B1G record 7-1.

Alex - Michigan finishes 9-3 overall and 6-2 in the Big Ten. Losses to Michigan State and Ohio State preclude Michigan from winning the division and reaching the championship game in Indy. It's still a fairly successful season, and Michigan faces an SEC team that's considerably worse than Alabama in the Capital One Bowl.

HoldtheRope - Like seemingly everybody else within Michigan's corner of the Internet, I've got us going 9-3 (6-2). Sure, with a senior QB, you'd hope to be at least in the discussion for national title contention...I don't think we're quite there yet. Then again, I predicted we'd go 8-4 last season, so what do I know. Anyway, revoke my MICHIGAN MAN card if you must, but I would be mostly okay with a 9-3 year and a bowl win. I hope we win every game, obviously, but given our personnel losses and the schedule, duplicating last year's record would lead me to believe that Brady Hoke is actually a wizard.

MaizeinSpartyland - I think Michigan ends up 6-2 again this year in the Big Ten, but falls just short of matching last year's regular season win total. For me, the Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Ohio State games are true tossups, so 3-4 losses really aren't out of the question.

Zach - As the resident pessimist of the site, I'll stick with my gut feeling that this year is a little rougher than people expect and Michigan ends up 8-4 overall and with two or three losses in the Big Ten depending on which three of these four (at ND, vs. MSU, at Neb, at OSU) Michigan can't pull out. Regardless, I don't think that is a bad season given the issues this team has depth-wise and the tough schedule.

What teams represent the Big Ten in the title game? Who wins it?

Shash - Michigan plays Wisconsin. M wins, because they usually beat Wisconsin. Monte Ball is great, but if Michigan does one thing this year that surprises me, it's stop the run with regularity.

Anthony - Nebraska plays Wisconsin for the second time of the season. With all of the questions in the trenches I don't see Michigan coming out of the conference slate with more than six wins. This leaves MSU and Nebraska as contenders, and the Spartans have just as many weaknesses as the Wolverines. Nebraska overtakes Michigan by means of a head-to-head win, and Wisconsin in the Leaders Division by default.

Sarah - I'm going to be optimistic here and say that Michigan and Wisconsin represent the B1G title game and that Michigan wins.

Alex - Michigan State emerges from a deep Legends Division to make the Big Ten Championship Game for the second year in a row. Wisconsin meets them there again by virtue of not falling flat on their faces in the Leaders Division. Michigan State wins the Big Ten Title this time and finally makes it back to the Rose Bowl for the first time in over twenty years.

HoldtheRope - I've gone back and forth on this so many times, but if you put a gun to my head and told me pick--calm down, man--I'd have to say it's an MSU-Wisconsin rematch in the title game this year. As painful as it is to say, I think that the Spartans win it this time around. That defense is a force, and although Anthony Rashad White is not Jerel Worthy, he is still a pretty large human being, and should do alright. Otherwise, everyone else is coming back, save safety Trenton Robinson and tackle Kevin Pickelman. The offensive line might not be transcendent, but they've accumulated a decent amount of starts. I think Maxwell should be fine at QB. Overall, I think MSU will have a slightly stronger team than Wisconsin this year.

MaizeinSpartyland - I'm going with Nebraska and the obvious pick, Wisconsin. The Huskers two blow out losses were to teams that come to Lincoln this year, the other conference loss, Northwestern, they should beat. I'll go with Wisconsin to win the Big Ten Championship again - their path is simply easier and by then O'Brien will have a better grasp of the offense.

Zach - In another classic matchup, Michigan State meets Wisconsin in the conference championship game, and this time the Spartans come out on top. Michigan State's defense looks to be too good, and I think they have an easier time slowing the Wisconsin offense this time around. By that point Maxwell will have a full year of starting experience, and his receivers will all be battle tested. It's all MSU this year. Which they should enjoy because I see both UM and OSU making a strong push in 2013.