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Friday Happy Hour is cataloging the problems of the NCAA (and it's a helluva list)


Robinson opens up about overcoming adversity, including death of brother, at Big Ten luncheon - The Daily looks at Denard Robinson's Big Ten Media Days speech, and some of the weightier aspects of it, things that Robinson hadn't publicly spoken about before then.

"It would’ve been easy for me to give up and fall into what all the other students were doing," Robinson said in his speech. "But it was my choice to be different, to be uncommon."

I'm sure as hell going to miss it when Denard isn't on the team anymore.

Noted CBS analyst says the Michigan football team will win the Big Ten, head to the Rose Bowl - Hypehypehypehypehypehypehypehype...hype.

99 for 99 - #50 - Exposition City and the Michigan Debacle

Buffalo started strong, drove to the 25 and attempted a field goal that was no good. It would be the last positive thing they did all day. It took seven minutes for Michigan to break UB's four-game shutout streak, then the floodgates opened. 7 Michigan Men scored 22 touchdowns in the game. In a time before substitutions were allowed, referees allowed Buffalo defenders to sub in and out of the game, because they were too winded to play otherwise. Ultimately the game was cut short by 15 minutes because the Buffalo team was physically unable to play any longer.

Michigan's 1901 team was pretty good, yo.

Bill O'Brien says 'hell no' when asked if he would recruit Penn State players

"I'm not fighting for my career, I'm fighting for Penn State. For what's right about this football program and so at the end of the day, like I said, these coaches are playing by the rules. That's what they're doing."

That's easy for you to say Bill, you have no career. It is unclear if O'Brien made these comments before, during, or after his kicker's decision to transfer to Texas. That makes eight.

Board endorses sweeping changes to enforcement model - The NCAA is looking at itself critically, and it doesn't like what it sees, which, like: duh.

The crux of the NCAA's press release:

Ray told the Board coaches want change: "Coaches come to me and say, ‘I feel like a chump. I’m trying to do things the right way and I have peers who laugh at me because I don’t play the game and bend the rules the way they do.’

"That’s got to stop ... Most coaches are terrific people who love their student-athletes, try to do it the right way, try to have the right values and succeed. They’re very frustrated. This has got to stop. I think most coaches are saying it’s about time. We want a level playing field."

Is this any surprise? The NCAA literally threw the book at Penn State in a blatant PR move that didn't have anything to do with any sort of competitive advantage (outside of allowing JoePa to keep his job for a few more years, which may or may not be and advantage given the way he coached), and then when it comes to an Athletic Director bringing in agents to attract players, the NCAA just kind of rolls over and says "go sit in the corner and think about what you did." The only consistency in NCAA enforcement is the maddening inconsistency from decision to decision.

College Football Recruiting Starts Earlier And Earlier, Whether NCAA Likes It Or Not - Bud Elliot looks at the rapid acceleration in college football recruiting, and some of the problems inherent in it.

According to NCAA rules, Wednesday was the first day on which college programs were allowed to send written offers to recruits. But a look at any list of the top college football recruits in the country shows that despite none of them holding a written offer before Wednesday, roughly 225 of the top 300 have already committed to a school. They've committed to a "non-binding verbal offer," over which the NCAA seems to have little hope of jurisdiction. Their commitments, also verbal, are non-binding until they sign a letter of intent on National Signing Day in February.

If the NCAA had its way, this would not be.

If you stick around near the end of the article, Randy Edsall makes a few salient and well-reasoned points. I'm as surprised as you are.

Lane Kiffin Recruited Silas Redd in "True SC Fashion" - Lane Kiffin may be a lot of things, but one of them is definitely "savvy recruiter".

NBC’s jingoistic joke

Every four years for as long as I can remember, I have turned on NBC's Olympic coverage knowing exactly what to expect: patriotic graphics to make Stephen Colbert proud, Super Bowl-level commercials, inane banter, and introductory montages that explain which American, on a moral basis, deserves to win this backstroke final. The characters change but the narrative never does: This is the Olympics, a quadrennial contest between the heroes of Team USA and the vaguely sinister confederation of foreigners trying to steal their gold medals.

Let's pile on NBC, because it is easy and fun.