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Monday Recruiting Roundup Doesn't Respect Your Authoritah

Class of 2014 QB <strong>Coleman Key</strong> will be an important recruit in the next cycle (Photo Credit: Matt Pargoff, <a href="" target="new">Maize and Blue News</a>)
Class of 2014 QB Coleman Key will be an important recruit in the next cycle (Photo Credit: Matt Pargoff, Maize and Blue News)

Woo! That's a woo for being within four weeks of the start of college football. Speaking of the start of college football, expect recruiting to simmer down a bit because of it. This is a natural occurrence as the coaches go from traveling around the country and watching hours of high school film to actually coaching and stressing over Michigan's film.

The staff will still work toward finishing the 2013 class while sending out offers to 2014 prospects. We're still waiting for a 2014 commitment. Such a slow recruiting staff. Wait... nevermind that.

Using the SEC as a Measuring Stick

I dislike many SEC programs as much as the next guy but there's no denying their strength in the trenches. I'm openly admitting this because the SEC's flagship programs, Alabama and LSU, have pursued many recent Wolverine commitments. The latest victim:

In the case that it doesn't appear the link leads you to a picture of unopened LSU recruiting letters. Hurst is a player with great potential and the Mad Hatter has taken notice. Don't expect Hurst to waiver.

Hellos and Goodbyes

Last week I said that Michigan was no longer recruiting CB/S Leon Mcquay but that may not be the case. His father is confident that Michigan will remain a constant in his recruitment despite Leon dropping Michigan out of his top group in exchange for Florida State.

Chance Stewart, an in-state QB in the class of 2014, has committed to Wisconsin. He's a talented young gunslinger who will be in the four-star range but Al Borges seems to have his eyes on a few other QB prospects in the class, including BBQ visitor Coleman Key.

Lastly, LB EJ Levenberry is reopening his recruitment and would like to get back in touch with Michigan. It looks to be too little, too late for the Virginia product, with Michigan loaded at linebacker and in need of help at other positions.

Obligatory Derrick Green and Laquon Treadwell Section

Derrick Green and Laquon Treadwell are obviously the two biggest recruits left on Michigan's board, and neither is easy to read.

Tremendous talked with Green and although he won't name a favorite the consensus leaders around the internets are Michigan and Auburn, and with Auburn strongly in the fold for Greg Bryant that top two could quickly become one distinct leader. Oklahoma reached out to Derrick and he told them it was too late, and even Rivals Mike feels good about Michigan's chances. Don't expect a commitment too soon, don't be surprised if he ends up blue.

Treadwell added a trip to Florida to his growing list of things to before committing to Michigan. He also visited Ole Miss, and former Michigan target Eldridge Massington had something to say about it:

Seriously. Stop playing with my heart, Quon.

Other 2013 and 2014 Notes

Arizona product Priest Willis, another highly-touted defensive back, would like to see Michigan. His interest is legitimate and he even reached out to Shane Morris to make sure they'd be worth his time. He's not as high of a priority as Treadwell, Green or even Mcquay as of now but keep an eye on him. Recruiting is a game of probability so having second options is always a good thing.

Tremendous has interviews with 2014 prospects S Montae Nicholson and CB Troy Vincent. The former has Michigan out front. His highlights:

A lack of plays involving pass defense worries me but the kid will be a presence in the running game wherever he ends up.

The NCAA is the Fat Kid on the Block

The NCAA has tried to contain the use of social media devices time and time again to no avail, and now they're realizing that other plans haven't gone as well they hoped. I don't have some deep explanation as to why recruits have decided to commit earlier and earlier lately, but we do know that the NCAA's rule of delaying written offers hasn't had any effect on the world of recruiting whatsoever. When the fat kid on the block comes to your house with a nightstick and a fake shiny badge you tend to shrug it off as a joke and carry on with your life. Somewhere in South Park Eric Cartman shakes his chubby fist at the full 2013 classes.

Obligatory End-On-A-Good-Note Note