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Thursday Happy Hour is lookng svelte

Slimmed down Will Campbell says he owes Michigan football fans a great senior season - The Will Campbell hype train rolls on, but if you are looking for truly encouraging signs that Campbell could begin to deliver on the loads of recruiting hype he rode into Ann Arbor on, the lack of conditioning issues are big.

The last few years the story has always been, first and foremost, focused on Campbell's size -- whether he wasn't "earning his wings" or whether he had slimmed down enough. But at 6'5 308lbs., and with quotes like:

"I'm not huffing and puffing anymore," the senior defensive tackle said after practice Monday. "I'm not dying right now."


"This is my last go-around," Campbell said. "I owe Michigan and these fans a lot.

"I came in with big expectations and didn't live up to them. And now, it's time to pay (up)."

Will Campbell Hope Meter: Dialed up incrementally.

The Key: Offense - Steve and Keith over at Tremendous both pick their choices for the key offensive player in 2012, and while they both skipped on the obvious (and somewhat cliched) answer of "DENARD!!!1!!1!" I can't say that I disagree with either too strongly.

Still, Ricky Barnum gets the nod in my mind. He is a bigger part of the offense, replaces the best player at the position in over a decade, and is an injury away from putting Michigan in a very tight position. While a solid season from Brandon Moore opens up the offense and gives Al Borges more ways to confuse the defense using formations that include a capable tight end, Moore isn't going to be a focal point of the offense. He is a luxury in some regards.

Borges praises Rawls' potential - Borges doing his best Fred Jackson:

"He's reckless," said the offensive coordinator. ""He runs with a demeanor that's aggressive. Suffice it to say aggressive would be the best word. He looks like he's mad when he runs sometimes. He's a tough guy. You hit him, you're going to feel him, I promise you that. You are going to feel him. There are times he's just simply not interested in avoiding you."

Jackson then responded by comparing Rawls' power to that of 1000 suns. Game. Set. Match.

Penn State plans blue ribbons, player names on traditionally austere uniforms - This is the first in what is most likely a full rebranding for Penn State. While the old uniforms are near the top of any "most iconic" ranking of college football uni's, the icon those uniforms are associated with is now oersona non grata. In this case, change is due, and the university can't miss an opportunity to rebrand itself.

Big 12 Preview (Part 1): Old Faces In Changing Times || (Part 2): Intruder(s) In the Dust - Holdin' the Rope breaks down the Big 12 in a fantastic two-parter. Just read both, they are worth the time (spoiler alert: Charlie Weis jokes ahead).

Fowler could make Spartans' WRs fairer - When headline writing goes wrong.