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Michael Ferns Commits to Michigan

It's about time Brady. Per TomVH's twitter:

Michigan has pulled its first 2014 commitment, and, just as we predicted (and everyone else for that matter) it is Ohio linebacker Michael Ferns who drops first for the class that won't sign for another 18 months.

Ferns is a highly regarded linebacker that is pegged to end up in the four- to five-star range once, you know, incoming juniors in high school get ranked. Ferns has offers from a lot of very good programs: Stanford, Ohio State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. His top three has been Michigan, Notre Dame and Penn State for quite some time.

Ferns is listed around 6'3 235lbs. He is also a junior in high school. That is, he will be a junior once fall classes start.

There isn't much to say as to how this affects the 2014 class other than, way to start off strong. Ferns is regarded as the top target on Michigan's board and should be one of the top linebacker prospects in the Midwest.

More from DGDestroys soon, but until then, enjoy Fern's sophomore (!) highlight film.

Welcome to the family, Michael.