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Tuesday Happy Hour is looking for some push

Michigan has to get Fitz Toussaint started on the ground, and that begins up front - The offensive line isn't happy about the lack of rushing production.

Both Lewan and fifth-year senior center Elliott Mealer continue to insist that their production up front isn't good enough. Not good enough for this team, and not good enough for anyone that's ever played offensive line at Michigan. "We've got to get a lot better," Mealer said. "We've got to start playing Michigan football, and playing like a Michigan offensive line should." Hoke's not hitting the panic button up front just yet. He's given credit to Alabama's defense for being one of the best, if not the best, units in America. And he also tipped his cap to Air Force for their decision to take away Michigan's traditional run game Saturday.

It is troubling thus far to see just how bad the line has looked. Michigan spent the entire Alabama game getting manhandled, then failed to generate any push against a small Air Force front four. It isn't quite time to panic yet, but that time could be coming in a couple weeks when the Wolverines travel to Notre Dame.

Burgeoning Wolverine Star: "It's always good to win" - Speaking of the offensive line and run game, Chris isn't very impressed with them right now.

A win is a win, but Saturday's game did more to inspire uncertainty than confidence in the offense--at least the defense had an excuse for its mediocre performance. We saw Schofield struggle mightily against Alabama, but no one expected the offensive line to look so shaky against Air Force. Barring better offensive line play going forward, this season will quickly start veering off course.

Touch the Banner: Michigan vs. Air Force Awards - Magnus gives out his weekly awards.

Let's see more of this guy on defense . . . Courtney Avery. I was not impressed with Raymon Taylor's performance at cornerback on Sunday, and I think Avery should remain the starter at field corner. The coaches need to find another contributor for the slot corner spot, whether it's Taylor, Delonte Hollowell, or Thomas Gordon. The injury to Blake Countess and the departure of Terrence Talbott have really hurt Michigan's secondary.

Avery did come in for one scolding on a goal line fourth down play in my defensive breakdown yesterday, but I was actually less impressed with JT Floyd, who I felt didn't provide nearly the level of run support on the edges that he should have. I'll wait for MGoBlog's UFR before making any final judgments.

Last Days Of Disco |- Brian's typical postgame smorgasbord.

Does that make you feel better? Those ND/TCU/Oklahoma numbers are just like ours. ND finished last year 30th in total D, 18th FEI. TCU was 32nd, 42nd FEI (schedule issues). Oklahoma was 53rd, but a shocking 4th(!) in FEI. FEI has Air Force's offense 33rd and 32nd in 2010 and 2011, respectively. Last year's mark was better than Georgia, VT, Michigan State, Iowa, Auburn, and Florida State. With guys who are going pro in going Mach 3. This just happens when you sign Air Force up, even when you don't do it the week after playing Alabama.

Underachieving: What's Wrong With Big Ten Football? - Bill Connelly looks at the Big Ten after week two to try and figure out why these teams have disappointed so much.

It isn't all that tough to figure out though. Iowa replaced an okay offensive coordinator with Greg Davis, Wisconsin lost half its coaching staff and the most efficient passer in the country, Penn State lost a dozen players and still can't find a quarterback that isn't Matt McGloin, Illinois has to pay the Zook toll, and Nebraska's defense wasn't even great last year before losing three of its best players.

Granted, I expected more from the Big Ten thus far, but given what we know, this is hardly surprising.

Here’s Why The Big 10 Rules - At least we still have women's volleyball.

Lowlights: Down goes Frazier, and more of the worst of Week 2 - Matt Hinton takes some time to look at last week's worst.