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Wednesday Happy Hour is a house fire

Michigan's Frank Clark pleads guilty to felony charge of second-degree home invasion - The wheels of justice spin slowly.

Clark was suspended one game following his arrest, and made his season debut in Saturday's win against Air Force. Coach Brady Hoke recently was asked about his decision to reinstate Clark, despite an open felony case. "He's paid a lot of consequences internally," Hoke said. Asked about the process for Clark's reinstatement, Hoke said, "I don't need to take you through a process. I just resolved it."

One would have to imagine that with Clark already back on the field that this guilty plea isn't as bad as it sounds. Hoke gets the benefit of the doubt for now.

Missed blocks vs. Air Force - BWS goes more in depth looking at the offensive line. It isn't pretty, but it might not be a sign of impending doom either.

Rewatching the game, there are a lot of different plays where Michigan's offensive line just gets beat, but there were also plays that it's clear the restructured offensive line just needs more time to play together.

Post Week 2 - 2012 Bowl Projections - Michigan currently projects to the Capital One Bowl against Georgia.

Why Michigan: I'm starting to feel uneasy about Michigan. Despite Denard's ridiculous numbers, Air Force was still in a position to win the game in the final minutes before turning it over on downs. Furthermore, the Wolverines allowed 417 yards of total offense. In my opinion Michigan is still a 9 or 10 win football team but unless they start showing it, I'm going to change my mind.

Power Poll, Week 2--What Type Of Fire Is Your Team Edition - Michigan gets the designation of "house fire", which considering the circumstances around the league

The Alphabetical, Week 2: The Week Of The Bulldog - Spencer Hall on the week that was.

The Numerical, Week 2: 1-Man Offenses And The Spike Factor - Bill Connelly mentions just how reliant Michigan was on Robinson.

426. Combined rushing and passing yards for Denard Robinson in Michigan's 31-25 win over Air Force. That is a ridiculous figure, but it gets even sillier when you realize that Michigan had only 422 yards of offense. (More problematic for Michigan: the 416 yards the Wolverines allowed to the Falcons.)

Bielema Makes a Quick Staffing Change - Firing your new position coach two games into the season? Probably not a good idea.

To Bielema, calling a dismissal two games into the season anything but a "knee jerk thing" rings hollow. Were there wholesale disagreements in philosophy, schematics or playing time? It’s hard to say, though everyone associated with the program had to know that Markuson was not dealing with the same sort of deck Bob Bostad had at his disposal over the last two or three seasons.

Premature Panic Week: Wisconsin has solutions, but does it know the problem? - Matt Hinton on the same.

At the moment, no one has any idea what to expect from the Badgers over the remaining ten games of the season, least of all the Badgers themselves, and all assumptions about their status as overlords of the Big Ten's "Leaders" Division are on hold. When the equivalent of a new regional branch manager is asked to fall on his sword following a wild departure from a previously successful strategy (see the run:pass distribution above), you don't have to be in the meetings or practices to recognize that something has been lost in translation among the new chain of command. A pink slip is not an indication of a minor setback that calls for some pointed tweaking. It's direct acknowledgment of a breach that was only getting wider.