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Thursday Happy Hour throws to the trees

Michigan alters passing game by adding big bodies from unexpected places - Size matters.

"Sometimes I wish he played receiver, when I see him out there, because he's so fast," Robinson said. "But I love him at tight end because he gets on a linebacker or safety, and he's one of those guys they can't cover, as well as the cornerbacks.

Turnover drought? Michigan defense trying to rekindle turnover magic of 2011 - Regression to the mean, yo.

"The best question (is) why (we haven't gotten more)," Michigan coach Brady Hoke said. "Air Force had the ball on the ground twice. Once with the fullback and the ball jumped back into his hands, but, you know, I think we emphasize it and talk about it. Every day in practice if there's a ball on the ground, no matter what, our guys are scooping it.

Michigan's turnover numbers from a year ago were already going to be hard to match, but now that looks nearly impossible after two games and one fumble recovery.

Linebacker/nickelback blitz vs. Air Force - More Mattison magic.

This is what you pay defensive coordinators for. Much like some of Michigan's blitzes last year, the defense overloads one side of the offensive line in order to get a free rusher on the quarterback. Often, Mattison is able to do that with only four rushers. Here, he uses five because, well, he wants to.

Upon Further Review 2012: Offense vs Air Force - The continued growth of Denard Robinson.

I mean, I'm just like you guys. Wheels on the money, corner routes on the money, even one of those dinky Purdue routes in traffic squeezed in there. He stood in against pressure and shot darts out to his WRs. QBs make mistakes. There are those little frustrating moments when the guy won't just RUNNNNNNN and you're going HNNNNNNGGGG because look at all that space on third and three. But if you're trying to tell me this is not a significant leap forward, you crazy.

Wolverines Issue of the Week: 12 freshmen have played so far, is that bad news or good news? - Probably bad news in the short term.

But playing 12 of them -- six at one time on defense against Air Force! -- does not bode well for Michigan. It means veterans aren't getting the job done. Watching a guy such as Joe Bolden play middle linebacker for a whole half is fun, but watching him play also means Kenny Demens, a fifth-year senior who has started since he was a sophomore, is not playing. And means he isn't getting the job done.

Conference Power Rankings (Sept. 12) - The Big Ten not looking so hot.