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Maize n Brew's BlogPoll Week Three Ballot

Upsets. We haz them.

Justifications after the jump...

- Bama and LSU are 1-2. Moving on.

- I think there is an argument to be made that Oregon isn't the third best team in the country based on what we know so far in the season, but after you make it DeAnthony Thomas is going to run so fast that he will reverse the rotation of the earth and time itself to go back to before you made that statement. But seriously, someone has to be three. Until that offense does anything but make people look silly I'll roll with the Ducks at three.

- Controversy! Stanford at four? Notre Dame at five!? Yeah. Both teams beat legitimately good teams in very strong efforts. Stanford flipped the script on USC and shut the high powered offense down while controlling the game on the ground. Notre Dame walked into East Lansing and controlled the game against MSU from start to finish. Those are the two best wins in college football this year so far.

- 6-10? Yeah, someone has to be there. I don't necessarily trust any of the teams in the slot, but on paper they are the most complete. Georgia gets top billing of the group for soundly beating Missouri.

- USC is just outside the top ten because the Trojans are still pretty damn good. However, at this point you don't lose one and stick in the top ten.

- Ohio State as far and away the best team in the Big Ten? Excuse me while I go slam my head into the wall.

- Man, Virginia Tech didn't waste much time getting its inexplicable loss out of the way. Once Clemson loses by 40 to FSU next week and then the 'Noles go out and put up like nine points against USF the week after then all will be right in the ACC.

- Florida has two good wins over SEC teams that aren't great but probably aren't terrible either. Right now that's enough. Side note: I can't wait until conference seasons start for everyone else.

- Can't ding MSU too much for losing to a good Irish team. Unless Notre Dame goes out and loses by two touchdowns to Michigan this week, but we'll cross that bridge when (if) we come to it.

- Texas and Kansas State: two more teams that beat up on bad teams like we expected them to. I'm starting to think polls before week eight are just one long study in confirmation bias.

- On a somewhat unrelated note: who would have thought UCLA would be anything but a raging tire fire at this point in the season. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were all making Jim Mora jokes?

- Before you say it, I don't care. Northwestern beat three Big Six conference teams. At this point in the season it doesn't matter much that those teams are at best "pretty good" and at worst :"Boston College".

- Hey Michigan, maybe you should have beat them by 75.

- Arizona is just sitting here at #21 after scoring 115 points combined in the last two games.

- The last four are all just happy to be here thanks to various inexcusable blemishes on their resume. But hey, not being terrible is enough, right?