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Monday [Late-Night] Recruiting Roundup

<strong>David Dawson</strong> is part of an absolutely loaded Detroit Cass Tech squad (Photo credit: Matt Pargoff, <a href="" target="new">Maize and Blue News</a>)
David Dawson is part of an absolutely loaded Detroit Cass Tech squad (Photo credit: Matt Pargoff, Maize and Blue News)

Commitments and Targets Continue High School Seasons

Wolverine commitments continue their high school journey, putting up gaudy numbers along the way. Check the links to Tremendous and Touch the Banner, where you can find lists of all of their statistics if you have the need to know every number.

Players sticking out so far:

Dymonte Thomas' self-reported statistics are impressive, claiming more than 300 yards on just 16 touches. He also made a dozen tackles, continuing to flash the speed and agility that make many believe he could be successful at a handful of positions in college.

Deveon Smith is still dominating defenses, rushing for 193 yards and 4 touchdowns for a Howland squad that is now 3-1. His blend of strength and balance is still among the best in the country despite not having breakaway speed.

Jaron Dukes continues to catch jump balls in high school, catching two touchdowns in his last outing and nearly reaching the 200 yard mark. By the time he's in Ann Arbor the Michigan roster will be littered with massive targets.

Take the jump to see who visited and who Michigan could be involved with in the 2014 class.

UMASS Visitors

A decent amount of prospects made their way to witness Michigan beating UMASS into oblivion. Arguably the biggest recruit in the state of Michigan in the 2014 class is Malik McDowell, who made his way to both the Michigan and Michigan State games. Sparty obviously looked less than stellar but I'd still expect the Spartans and national powers across the country to be players in his recruitment. Tremendous caught up with him after the visits.

Detroit Cass Tech cornerback Damon Webb was rumored to be making it to both games but only made it to the Michigan game. He's also going to be heavily recruited by national powers, with SEC heavy hitters and Big Ten powers chasing him just the same. The vast majority of his BCS-level teammates are either playing for Michigan or headed to Michigan so the Wolverines are in great shape.

Another huge name was in Ann Arbor for the game, that name being Sony Michael. The 2014 halfback is a five-star per 247 but that doesn't exactly mean the Wolverines are that interested. His brother plays for UMASS so the motivation to see the game may not have been related to his recruitment.

Other visitors included '14 OL Tommy Doles and '15 RB Romello Ross.

Other General Notes ('13-'15)

Shane Morris is reported to have mono, which kept him out of a large chunk of his last varsity contest against Rice. Morris will be fine but it could be a decent amount of time before he feels 100%.

Class of 2014 linebacker Lawrence Marshall impressed Tremendous enough to get an interview. The Wolverines could step into his recruitment and be an immediate player, with MSU and Syracuse among the schools already showing interest.

Another big name on the defensive front to watch in the '14 class is Kenny Finley. Standing at 6'4", 270, he would be a great addition to a class that could potentially include Malik McDowell. Michigan has let big-name in-state defensive lineman slip out of its grip in recent years and needs to secure players like Finley, who's already hearing from schools like Florida, Stanford and Michigan State.

If a Heisman Trophy existed for prospect names it would certainly go to a young man by the name of Moe Ways. You read it correctly, his name is Moe Ways. Michigan isn't involved with the Detroit Western receiver yet but they could be.

Wolverine commitment Patrick Kugler received his Under Armour All-American jersey. He comes from a rich tradition of bulldozers:

Speaking of family, Kugler's path to success has been one of perseverance as well. At 6-foot-4 and 275 pounds, he's not even the biggest in his own house with his brother playing center for the Boilermakers and his father no small man himself.

But that is where Kugler might have the advantage. With a sibling that plays at the next level and a father that teaches the game at the position he plays, Kugler has a leg up on the rest.

"He's grown up with the game," Walker said. "He's been around it. He loves to watch his dad work. He goes to Steelers training camp. He watches the drills and listens in on meetings.

"His dad's a great offensive line coach, he listens to him. He gets that one-on-one. I know they watch film of Pat's game. What a great resource to have."

Kugler has a nasty mean streak, much like Michigan's other offensive line commitments, and I expect big things from him when he arrives in Ann Arbor.

MGoBlog was at Detroit Cass Tech's game against Detroit Renaissance, covering the Technicians and their uber-talented roster. Seriously, they start more than a handful of future BCS-level players, including David Dawson, Jourdan Lewis, Damon Webb and others. The video is a nice compliment to the breakdown of each player's performance.