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Top Five Scoring Plays vs. UMass

When you beat a team by 50 points there really aren't any "key plays", so we are going to skip that post for the time being and just go straight highlights. Let me present the top five scoring plays from the UMass game.

(Highlights courtesy of MGoVideo)


The legend continues.

The rest of the top five after the jump...

4. Denard throws a strike to Roundtree.

Roy has had a quiet year thus far, but he makes the most of his opportunity here with a touchdown on one of his two catches for the day.

3. Toussaint makes 'em miss.

Fitzgerald Toussaint takes the handoff past a pair of UMass defenders, then down the sideline for six.

2. Denard scrambles for a touchdown.

Robinson does this so much it is starting to feel routine.

1. Devin Gardner walking the tightrope.

For anyone who wasn't totally on board with the move of Devin Gardner to receiver, this play should be enough to convince you of the error of your ways. Does Michigan have another receiver with this kind of athleticism?