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Halftime: Two INTs 10 - Five INTs 0

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Well, I guess that shootout we were all bracing ourselves for seems kind of silly.

Both teams came out firing...passes to each other. Michigan picked off Everett Golson's first pass and then Michigan committed its first turnover on a Vincent Smith HB-pass. Things got ugly from there.

The Wolverines started off moving the ball well in the first quarter until the Smith turnover, at which point Michigan began tossing away interceptions like candy. Robinson was solid to begin the game, but his decision-making took a turn for the worst in the second quarter as he finished four second quarter drives with four separate interceptions.. Behind his inconsistent play, Michigan has only three third-down conversions compared to five turnovers.

Michigan's defense is playing well considering the circumstances. Notre Dame's two scoring drives started on Michigan's side of the field, and the Wolverines have also forced two turnovers and two punts. The defensive line has put together a solid first half, holding Notre Dame to 37 yards and 2.6 yards per rush.

Michigan has moved the ball at times, but the quick deterioration of the passing game doomed any real first half progress. That was pretty much the worst thing ever.

So Denard, you want to complete the trilogy? Better start now.