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Maize n Brew's BlogPoll Ballot Week Four

Behold, the BlogPoll

Stuff and things after le jump...

- Number one is number one. Bama holds the spot until it looks mortal.

- The rest of the top five shakes up a bit. LSU struggles against one of the SEC teams that you just aren't supposed to struggle with this year. The Tigers will have to earn their way back to the head of the race for number two. Meanwhile all three or Oregon, Florida State, and Georgia take on conference foes and pull out impressive wins. Oregon did what it does against Arizona, Florida State won a shootout against Clemson, and Georgia took Vandy to school.

- Spots six to ten are more of a jumble of teams that seem good, but are somewhat unknown. The Irish lead the way after two strong defensive games against the Michigan schools, but while those wins are valuable, there are question marks surrounding both how Notre Dame's offense can hold up in higher scoring games, and how the defense will hold up when the opposing quarterback doesn't self immolate in the second quarter. Meanwhile Kansas State may have just beat an impressive Oklahoma team, or just benefitted from the Sooners' yearly midseason implosion. South Carolina and Florida have made their reputations beating up on conference foes that may or may not be any good. Finally, West Virginia has yet to play anyone with a pulse.

- USC needed the win vs. Cal to right the season's course, and Ohio State keeps winning in spite of itself. Northwestern, TCU, and Miss State keep winning, therefore they keep moving up.

- Clemson and Oklahoma both get knocked back for losses, but stay in the top-20 because of the quality competition.

- Raise your hand if you thought Oregon State would be 2-0 with two wins over decent opponents.

- Michigan State might have been able to score a move up in the rankings if it hadn't struggled for so long against Eastern Michigan.

- Minnesota is 4-0. Good enough for me right now.

- No, Michigan isn't ranked. I can't find any good reason to do so without resorting to trying to dole out points for "moral victories." Ick.