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Thursday Happy Hour is trying to avoid the trap(game)

Air Force vs. Michigan Preview: Can the Falcons Sneak Up on the Wolverines? - The guys over at SB Nation's MWC blog, Mountain West Connection take a look at the UM-AF matchup from the other side.

The Falcons will need to control the tempo and pace of the game early on offense and put up points. The Wolverines are frustrated coming off the pasting by Alabama and would like to set the tone early and put the game to bed. If the Falcons can execute their offense and build on the Michigan players mind set from week 1 they can control the time of possession and will have an advantage.

While I would like to think that this team is a little more mentally tough than to cave after a tough half of football, there is something to be said for A) the hangover from such a big game to open the season and B) the existential depression that follows getting slowly ground down by an option team.

Hesitant linebackers versus Bama - Chris does another great Bama post, this time breaking down the play of MIchigan's linebackers in the run game. It isn't pretty.

Report: Austin Hatch reclassifies to class of 2014 - Not a big surprise given the extent of his injuries, but Austin Hatch is now part of Michigan's 2014 class.

Upon Further Review 2012: Offense vs Alabama - Presented for when you've gotten over the initial hurt of watching that game live; relive it in painful detail.

One thing for those who don't want to read through all the play by play: skip to the bottom to read about Brian's assessment of Denard Robinson's play. It is an interesting counterpoint to the criticism that we've been hearing all week.

Keys to the Game: Michigan vs. Air Force - CBS's Tom Fornelli states the obvious.

MICHIGAN WILL WIN IF: It can stick to the script it used so often in 2011. That wasn't nearly as possible against Alabama last week, as sending Denard Robinson loose in the run game might have ended his life. This week, though, the Wolverines are faced with a defense far more forgiving than Alabama's. Air Force allowed nearly 28 points per game on defense last season and let Idaho State score 21 last week. Which means Denard Robinson and Fitzgerald Toussaint will have a pretty easy time of it this weekend.

Top 10 list: The loudest stadiums I've ever been in - Bruce Feldman lists the loudest stadiums he has ever been in. Surprise, he doesn't list the Big House.

It's Been a Tad While Since.. - I missed this earlier in the week, but it is an awesome little fact that needs to be passed on:

Rich Rodriguez becomes the 1st former-Michigan coach to win a college football game since Tad Wieman, who took over for Fielding Yost from 1927 to 1928.

That really says something about Michigan being a destination job, doesn't it.

Leach V. Holgorsen, Week 1: The Pupil Thrives - Football Study Hall on two coaches 2500 miles apart.

Both Leach and Holgorsen are widely regarded for their dynamic offenses. Known for spreading the field and executing short, high percentage pass plays, the two coaches provide an interesting case study between teacher and pupil. While much of what Holgorsen does offensively stems from his background under Leach, subtle tweaks such as the use of the Pistol formation differentiate Holgorsen's scheme from what you may recall about Leach's Texas Tech offenses. Interestingly enough (and likely due to Holgorsen's influence), upon returning to the sidelines, Leach hired assistant coach Jim Mastro, who has heavy experience in Pistol offenses.