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2014 Prospect Profile: David Cornwell

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This signal caller comes from the state of Oklahoma. Michigan needs to add a quarterback in the upcoming recruiting cycle, and Cornwell could be the first one to be offered.



Cornwell already stands at 6'5", 215 lbs and he's only a junior in high school, meaning that he'll be ready from a physical standpoint when he arrives to his college of choice. He doesn't have Shane Morris' arm but he'll still have one of the stronger arms in his class. The throw at 0:22 of the video above is impressive, as Cornewell stands tall in the pocket before delivering a ball between a corner and a safety who knew the post route was coming.

His accuracy and ball placement seem great on film, although this is a highlight of his best throws. He shows decent awareness and resets his feet on a consistent basis when forced to scramble: these traits often separate natural quarterbacks from the rest of us.

Perhaps Cornwell's biggest strength is his ability to shed defenders in the pocket. His size and strength allow him to stand tall and take blows before shrugging them off and moving out of the pocket, reminding me of a younger Ben Roethlisberger. He's mobile enough to escape the pocket and find receivers down field when necessary.

A bit of scouting via 247:

Class of 2014 four-star quarterback David Cornwell (Jones, Okla.) impressed. The 6-foot-5, 215-pounder has a big arm and pro size and made several outstanding throws during the one-on-one portion of the event. Indiana has offered, but Michigan, Alabama and a host of other programs are flirting with him and could offer at any point. Cornwell is the No. 3 pro-style quarterback in the 2014 class according to 247Sports.

And more from Rivals:

At 6-foot-5, 215 pounds, Cornwell is a big presence in the pocket for Jones. He stands tall, has a big arm and can really snap it off and fire a bullet when he needs to do so. Cornwell may be a pocket guy but he is mobile and shows great awareness in the pocket.

We seem to be in agreement. I wouldn't be surprised if Alabama came after him hard because of their system and success, but more on that in the recruitment section.


David only has offers from Indiana and Auburn as of now; I'd expect that number to grow rapidly in the coming months. Michigan, Alabama, Oklahoma and a host of other schools have shown legitimate interest. From Rivals:

Last weekend he checked out Michigan as they shutout Illinois 45-0. This weekend it'll be Oklahoma State with the likes of Arkansas and Alabama in his future.

"It was great. Great environment. The biggest college football stadium. All of the coaches were great. Facilities and then what you can't see is the tradition there. Great tradition," said Cornwell on his trip to Ann Arbor.

"All the alumni everyone that is there they are never not going to have a sold out crowd and just the type of people there smart kids, head on their shoulders it's just a great place to be."

"We've got Oklahoam State this weekend then Ole Miss-Arkansas then we got Alabama and then we're going to hit some other games but Alabama is one I'd really like to nail down. No. 1 team in the land pro-style offense they fit me and I think they want me too so it's great."

As for his contact with Oklahoma it's one Cornwell hopes to see continue to grow.

"We haven't had much but I'm going to get in touch here (with Sooners coach Josh Heupel). I really want to start talking with them and get that recruiting going because they're on a roll the way they throw it around and the way they are playing they're a dangerous team they've got the record to make it all the way."

I don't see Cornwell playing for Oklahoma State or Arkansas when he'll likely have offers from programs like Alabama and Michigan that run a system more tailored for his talents. It seems to me that he wants to play in a pro-style offense.

Michigan hasn't offered yet but that will probably change. The staff is extremely selective with their quarterback offers, but he does fit what Michigan wants to do and he's going to have offers from other high-level programs. He should be one of the first two quarterbacks offered, and rumor has it that he could get that offer soon rather than later.


A lot of this depends on who comes through with an offer and when. Michigan should throw their hat in the ring soon enough to become a serious threat for his services; if Alabama joins the party it will probably come down to them and Michigan. Michigan's only advantage there would be in academics, but I don't know if they're a legitimate factor in his recruitment. It'll be one of Alabama or Michigan.