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Best of Brews: The best of the rest

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The odds and ends that didn't fit on the first three lists, be it humor, recruiting, or something else entirely.

The Top Midwest Players for the 2014 Class - Sarah Hughes brought us an excellent breakdown of some of the names to watch in 2014 recruiting.

Out of those 100 players, there are 12 from the Midwest. I'm going to be breaking down these 12 players and also discussing their interesting in Michigan, Michigan's interest in them, and what our chances are. Yes, it's early. But is it ever really too early to discuss recruiting? I didn't think so.

The Dreamy First Michigan Game Day Experience - Anthony Mammel on the wonders of the Big House and the Michigan gameday experience.

Twenty steps later you're at the entrance to your section and a middle-aged woman asks to see your ticket. You nervously flash it, hoping she doesn't point her finger in an upward direction as if to send you as far away from the field as possible. What's the cutoff for the upper deck again? 60? 75? Who cares, she waved you in and... Holy cuss words. Insert any cuss word you want in exchange for "cuss words" and you've got yourself 95% of the reactions that come out of the mouths of both Michigan fans and opposing fans alike. This will be my fourth year going to Michigan contests as a student and I'll still mutter it occasionally.

Dave Brandon: "No more Heinz Mustard at Michigan Stadium" - The Godfather, Maize n Brew Dave, with one of the funniest pieces of the year.

The reaction from fans was swift and harsh. "I can't believe he's doing this," said one recent alumni, "I mean, it's OUR MUSTARD. What's next? Is he going to take the wings off the helmets? It's like its not even Michigan anymore. I don't even know why I'd go to the games if there's no Heinz Mustard." Heinz representatives were clearly shocked as well, "We were really looking forward to being at Michigan Stadium this year. I mean, this is the mustard of Bo and Lloyd. How can they do this?" When asked about Fritz Crisler's fanatical hatred of mustard in general, the representative declined comment. Around the internet, the reaction was equally swift with fans taking to Twitter with multiple hashtags, including: #NoMustardNoPeace #Heinzinmyhouse #BoUsedHeinz #MustardisMaize

On the cutting room floor: Failed pitches for Big Ten Network shows by former coaches - What if the Big Ten Network leaned on former Big Ten coaches for programming ideas?

Good Morning with GERG and Barry What better way is there to start your day than with a morning show that features Greg Robinson and Barry the stuffed Beaver? Greg Robinson isn't just a savvy veteran defensive coordinator, he is a home-maker, chef, and interior decorator. GERG will be joined by his trusty pal Barry, the wise-cracking stuffed beaver that is puppeted by veteran puppeteer Frank Oz. Join GERG and Barry as they interview some of America's hottest names in the entertainment industry, while taking time for segments to help you, the Big Ten football fan, build a better home. Need hair care tips? Want to know the latest trends in interior design? Have absolutely no interest in defensive schematics whatsoever? Then wake up with GERG and Barry in the morning.