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NC State beats Duke: Michigan with a chance at number one

The Wolfpack just did Michigan a huge favor, time to capitalize.


NC State took the home court this afternoon in a game against Duke and walked away with a win that is doubly huge for Michigan.

First, the loss knocks Duke from number one in the nation, opening the door for Michigan to move into the spot with a win tomorrow against Ohio State. Michigan hasn't been number one in basketball since approximately 742 BC*, so this would be a pretty big deal, you guys.

On top of that, Michigan's non-conference win over NC State just got that much more impressive as the Wolfpack added a huge win to its resume. Meanwhile, Pitt is putting together a pretty solid season and Kansas State knocked off Florida and Oklahoma State in recent weeks. Michigan's tournament resume is continuing to improve, with the meat of the Big Ten schedule on the horizon. A conference title (or even a close second place) most likely puts the Wolverines in a number one seed this March.

That all starts tomorrow with a trip into the heart of darkness and evil Columbus.

Go Blue.

*(Probably not factually accurate).