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New Blue, Dan Samuelson

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Michigan added its sixth offensive lineman of the 2013 class when it picked up former Nebraska commit Dan Samuelson. What does he bring to Michigan's roster?

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

He has more highlights available on Hudl as well.

Dan Samuelson's recruitment has taken many twists and turns. He was committed to Pittsburgh until May of 2012, when he flipped to Nebraska. He remained committed to the Cornhuskers until this past Saturday, when he flipped once again from Nebraska to Michigan. Samuelson held offers from other less notable schools, including Bowling Green, Illinois, Wake Forest and others.

Samuelson stand at a massive 6'5", 290 pounds, and is rated as a four-star prospect by Scout and a three-star by everyone else. His frame is leaner than many other offensive guard prospects around the country, which makes it easy to see why he runs well on film. He has above average length for a guard prospect and could easily hold another twenty pounds of clean weight.

Dan's strength is in the run game, probably due to the fact that he's accustomed to playing for a team that runs far more than it passes. This is the norm for most high school squads, which explains why it's far more common for offensive lineman to enter the college ranks as inexperienced pass blockers. Samuelson is no exception to the rule. Clint Brewster of 247 Sports chimes in:

Samuelson does a nice job firing off the football and striking his opponent first when run blocking. He is able to turn opposing defensive lineman, showing good overall strength, particularly in his upper body.. He does an excellent job of staying engaged with defensive lineman once he has them.. Samuelson has the ability to drive defenders into the ground and completely eliminate them from the play.

Michigan fans should expect Samuelson to develop into a strong guard who can contribute to Michigan's new run-heavy scheme, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him to develop respectable pass protection skills given his athleticism and length. He'll have his hands full behind the likes of Kyle Kalis, Blake Bars and others, but he'll get a chance to develop and battle for playing time inside nonetheless. He's a lock to redshirt considering the amount of talent in front of him. Michigan will be deep across the offensive line by the time he reaches his redshirt freshman year.

Michigan could still feasibly take yet another offensive lineman, but don't expect it. California verbal Cameron Hunt visited this weekend and Tennessee commit Dan Skipper is also looking around. A verbal from Hunt would be met with much more excitement because of his performance at the Under Armour All-American game. I like Samuelson's game, but I like Hunt's even more.

Also, a random note: I've heard rumblings of the staff telling some prospects that they'd only be taking 5-6 lineman, so a seventh verbal could lead to someone dropping off because of a feeling of distrust. Could.