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Leader and Legend names could be on the way out, but maybe not

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Probably to make way for even more ridiculous and easily lampooned names.

"How about Gravitas and Excelsior.  Yeah, those are bitchin'" -JD
"How about Gravitas and Excelsior. Yeah, those are bitchin'" -JD
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

It had to happen eventually. The public backlash was so united against these names from the very beginning that one day, given all the other changes that the Big Ten wants to make, someone was going to use further expansion as a possible out from one of the league's biggest boners of all time. Also, changing these names now couldn't hurt. It would be some positive press to go along with the collective "meh" of adding Rutgers and Maryland to the conference.

We don't know what the new names will be. It seems that geographical names like Lakes and Plains are almost totally out of question. With the league looking at possibly realigning the divisions, there is a slight chance that we all get what we wanted in the first place: a straight east/west split that is named as such. I doubt it, though. How do you sell that kind of boring approach to the New York TV market? These are the kinds of things that keep Jim Delany up at night.

Of course, the internet isn't short on suggestions:

And Bill Connelly says what we were all thinking