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In the Basket: MBB links of interest

A few quick links to pass on regarding our favorite basketball team.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan basketball falls to No. 5 in latest AP Top 25 after loss at Ohio State - Michigan falls from the number two spot, but stays in the top five after a close loss to a fellow top-15 team on the road. Not a big surprise here as the game unfolded the same way as the spread predicted (Kenpom too) and despite a terrible start Michigan still kept in the game late.

Bracketology: No change among the No. 1 seeds, despite losses

While those results certainly created movement in the polls, as expected, they didn't have the same effect on bracketology, since the focus is on teams' overall body of work, as opposed to the polls' emphasis on a "snapshot in time." So, the top two lines of this week's bracket projection are roughly the same as last week's, since we're now comparing one- and two-loss teams instead of zero- and one-loss ones. So, Duke, Michigan, Kansas and Arizona remain in the top four spots overall on this Tuesday.

You aren't going to win the Big Ten without a couple blemishes, and the Big Ten's winner is almost certainly due for a number one seed, so Michigan's loss against OSU really doesn't hurt the quest for a one-seed all that much. A second straight loss on Thursday to Minnesota would be pushing it.

Let's avoid that, mmkay?

How Good is Michigan? - Brian Gillis over at OTE looks at Michigan after the loss and proclaims, "eh, still pretty damn good."

Behind the Numbers: Examining Trey Burke’s assists - UMHoops did an in depth study of how, where, and to who Trey Burke has been piling up his assists, and I cannot stress enough how awesome of a read it is (even if it is a few days old). Truly great stuff from those guys, as expected.