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Monday Recruiting Roundup Pretty Much Just Needs Derrick Green

MRR updates you on the latest Michigan football recruiting rumblings. Is Michigan basically finished with the class of 2013? What does one recruit have to say about the new NCAA rules changes? That and much more.

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Screw It Let's Lead With A Section About Green And Skill Talent

Not exactly making you wait for the punch this week, am I?

Michigan wants Derrick Green, and it needs Derrick Green. Recent Wolverine classes have been chalk full of defensive talent and muscle on offense, but the roster still needs a large infusion of skill talent on the offensive side of the ball. Wide receiver Laquon Treadwell decided that Ole Miss was too much to turn down, meaning that Michigan's only legitimate shot at landing a game-breaking receiver just went out the window.

Green is officially down to three schools: Michigan, Auburn and Tennessee. I put Michigan first because Michigan is first. Green will decide on the 26th, the same day that we get to see Denard Robinson not lace it up for one final time before he enters the League. It should be a good day.

A side note about Derrick: his path to the top has been anything but traditional. He used to be "chunky" before slimming down to chase the dream of toting the rock:

When Green stepped on his high school's campus in the fall of 2009, he weighed 268 pounds -- much too heavy for a traditional running back.

"I knew I was going to do what I had to do to transform my body and hopefully get to that No. 1 spot," said the 5-foot-11, 220-pound Green. It definitely shows that hard work pays off."

Hermitage head coach Patrick Kane admitted he initially had his doubts about Green, who recently named Michigan as his leader, but is also still considering Auburn, Florida State, Miami,and Tennessee.

"The first time we saw him, he was eighth-grader and we were doing 7-on-7 (drills) and he came out and watched," said Kane. "He was a little chunky at the time. He said what a lot of kids say -- I want to be a running back. We said OK, that's fine. But in your mind, you're thinking he'd probably be a good looking offensive guard."

Hoke would recruit a running back who once weighed 268 pounds. That's a power football joke.

Michigan will look to finish the class with Green and the best available option, if necessary. The best available option may be optional, but the percent chance of something happening that me nor anyone else can predict approaches 100 as we approach signing day. I can tell you that the last commitment won't be an offensive lineman, as Michigan told Cameron Hunt that they're finished recruiting him.

Dawson, McGrath Pledge To Michigan

Ohio cornerback Reon Dawson gave his word to the Wolverines this week, switching over from Illinois. He's a C+ corner prospect who the staff most likely reached for after realizing their luck had run out with all other options. Michigan now sits at 26 commitments in the 2013 class.

Check out my New Blue piece for in-depth input on this from myself and, more importantly, DGDestroys.

Michigan also picked up walk-on kicker prospect J.J. McGrath. He's pleased to be going to a school with such strong academics:

"Pretty much It's too much of an opportunity to pass down," McGrath said, who made 8-of-11 field goal attempts--with a long of 57-yards--and made 26-of-27 PAT's last season. "It wouldn't be difficult to walk-on anywhere, but it was too much of an opportunity to let go. With the alumni association, even with the intangibles, forget about the football at the moment. But when I (graduate) the alumni association will always be there. Getting a job will be extremely easy cause I got a Michigan degree. Overall, it's a great opportunity that I had to take advantage of."

Here's his New Blue post.

General Notes and Multimedia Items

Get to know the Cass Tech trio of David Dawson, Jourdan Lewis and Delano Hill:

Michigan is recruiting 2014 ATH Lawrence Marshall the hardest, according to the man himself. I wrote a 2014 Profile on him a few weeks back. He already holds offers from Michigan and Ohio State.

Defensive end Da'Shawn Hand, the top player in the 2014 class, says that Michigan's coaching staff is his favorite. So you're telling me there's a chance...

The new NCAA recruiting rules will cause phones to explode:

So says stud 2014 ATH Bryson Allen-Williams.

I've been fighting the flu all week, so I apologize to anyone who was expecting another page worth of material. There will be plenty to go around in the coming weeks. Trust me.