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Did Rodney Davis commit to Michigan yesterday?

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Michigan may or may not have picked up its third commitment of the class of 2014 in Rodney Davis. Who is Rodney Davis? That's the first of many questions.

You.  No, not you.
You. No, not you.
Gregory Shamus

In the 24/7 world of college football recruiting, where every move is immediately all over twitter then quickly broken down by blogs, one wouldn't think something like this would happen. A player may fly under the radar before blowing up, but rarely does a player almost seemingly not exist to the recruiting-industrial complex.

Still, Davis doesn't have much of an internet profile (a cursory google of his name led me to this mgoblog thread) and with noted Michigan recruiting luminaries such as DGDestroys stumped on the matter and Sam Webb totally silent, something seems fishy.

According to Davis's twitter account (@DreamTeam_RoRo1) he visited Ann Arbor on Monday, received an offer, and committed.

Still, this hasn't been corroborated by anyone else (at least as of this writing at nearly 1 am), and it came far enough out of left field that pretty much everyone is scratching their head.

More will most likely be out today, but this certainly seems like one of the weirder recruiting developments of the recent past.