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Have another one: Our love of sporting events and the beer we soak them in

A recent feature story over at the mother ship takes a look at the casual relationship between the sports we love to watch and the beer we love to consume in unhealthy/borderline dangerous amounts while watching.

Scott Boehm

This place is called Maize n Brew after all, and while our beer coverage waxes and wanes depending mostly on whether Alex is around to do the beer reviews, I think it is pretty safe to say that beer is a pretty major part of all of our fandom around here. No, I'm not saying we're a bunch of degenerate drunks (I'm also not not saying that, if you catch my drift), but rather that myself and the rest of the crew are just as surrounded by the drinking culture of sports as everyone else.

Maybe you don't drink at football games. You're still inundated with ads for beer, surrounded by people that have been drinking (at least unless you're locked in your house alone), and in some unfortunate cases you have to deal with the unfortunate consequences. The puking and the swearing being mostly harmless but gross, while the fighting and drunk driving stick out as much more potentially disastrous.

I'm no saint. I got drunk at tailgates in college, I spend my Saturdays during the season drinking more than my share of beer, and if I wasn't so broke all the time you can bet I'd throw down the ten bucks it now costs to buy a moderately sized beer at just about any sporting event anymore.

Still, I can't help but think that Richard Brodsky is right, and that some reflection and readjustment needs to happen when it comes to the role we let booze play in our sporting life.