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Video: Denard Robinson's Senior Bowl Performance

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Check out this video of Denard Robinson catching passes and running poorly-blocked reverses.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mayock in his statement about Denard Robinson: "I'd love to see him make a couple of catches and make some people miss." Robinson did exactly that, catching two passes for more than twenty yards:

His first touch was on a poorly-blocked reverse. Then Robinson took a quick hitch and ran fourteen yards down the field after making the corner guarding him miss.

His second catch impressed me. Robinson runs a ten-yard out route, planting firmly and coming back to the ball before making a tough catch by the sideline. The corner was also all over him when he went down and he still managed to come up with the ball.

I didn't expect Robinson to have a breakout performance, and neither did anyone else. I saw what I expected: a raw receiver who has the tools to be an NFL slot receiver if given time. It didn't surprise me to see the reverse run to Denard so early, but I was disappointed that he didn't get the blocking necessary for him to break into the secondary and show his elusiveness. His quick hitch was nice because it gave him a one-on-one opportunity to make someone miss, and he did just that. The catch on the out route also showed that he's capable of making tough grabs despite having a bum arm.

If Robinson runs a blazing time at the combine - I'm thinking around 4.3 - he can earn some money back. If he runs in the low 4.4s and isn't one of the fastest receivers at the combine he could drop like a stone. The best case is a 4.3 and an above average showing in the individual drills, which would probably boost him to the third round. If he runs in the 4.4s and doesn't show well in the drills he could fall all the way to the fifth round. Let's hope for the third.