Michigan's Future

This year ended rough for team 133. Yes this year was rough overall for us Michigan fans. We have a very bright future ahead of us though.

1.) Brady Hoke

This guy is one heck of a coach. He is the future of this program. He's a great recruiter, he's a players coach and he gets the players to want to play. The biggest thing about him though is he's a Michigan man. A Michigan man who loves defense. He was a big part of Michigan's defense when their defense won games. Their defense will be top notch.

2.) New Recruits

Hoke's recruiting classes are shaping up real nice. Getting 5 star recruits like Shane Morris, possibly Derrick Green and adding numerous good 4 star recruits who could end up being stars like Taco. These players will be key to the years coming. If Shane lives up to the hype we may have a Heisman winner on our hands. IF we land Derrick Green that takes care of our struggling running game with the new offense line recruits. With a possibly addition of McQuay this team could have a lot of talent coming in.

3.) Greg Madison

Bottom line is he is the best defense coordinator in college football. Michigan's defense should not have been nearly as good as it was this year. Most of these kids were Rich Rods kids and we all know how that worked. But he got the kids to buy in and we ended up being 11th in the nation in overall defense (Going into the S.C. game)


We will be good for the simple fact that Michigan does not put up with losing. Michigan has a tradition of winning and not 8-4 winning but more like a 10-2 winning. Michigan will not be in bad shape for much longer.

Michigan will be good my prediction is this is probably the worst Michigan team of the next 5 years. Just as long as Clowney doesn't transfer to a big ten school.

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