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Five-Star Kevin Dillman Has Michigan Among His Leaders

Michigan needs a passer in the class of 2015, and a five-star signal caller might just be their man.

Jim Rogash

Al Borges and the Michigan offensive coaching staff are extremely selective when it comes to offering quarterback prospects, offering few passers after evaluating each for extended periods of time. Michigan needs to take a quarterback in its 2015 class, and five-star California product Kevin Dillman might just be the man to fill the void. Ryan Bartow of 247 Sports reports that Michigan is in Dillman's top group:

Michigan and Nebraska are his Top 2. If Michigan offers, the Wolverines could likely land a commitment this winter or spring.

This is positive news for Michigan, but don't expect the staff to come running with an offer in hand. Borges looks for much more than football ability in his quarterbacks, getting to know each and every prospect to see if he's the kind of leader that Michigan needs both on and off the football field. Shane Morris received an offer in the class of 2013 and accepted, eventually becoming the ambassador for Michigan football in the class of 2013. Wilton Speight followed suit in the class of 2014, and the passer who chooses to go blue in 2015 will have the same opportunity, albeit with less of a role – five-star receiver George Campbell has already taken much of the recruiting responsibilities in the class.

Will Dillman receive the coveted Michigan scholarship? Probably, but it might not be as a quarterback. Look away from his five-star QB rating and take a peak at his film:

Dillman could easily be ranked as an athlete, returning kicks and outrunning California competition. Players like Colin Kaepernick and Jake Locker come to mind when watching this film.

Why would Michigan offer an athlete who plays quarterback if it's looking to transition to a pro-style attack? The Wolverines will have two true pro-style passers ahead of Dillman by the time he arrives, allowing them the time needed to develop Kevin into a more mechanical passer. The staff loves to look to the NFL for changes in the schemes, and the League is slowly turning into a league full of mobile athletes with cannons.

Hopefully Michigan acts on this opportunity to mold a raw young athlete into an elite passer.