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Saturday Open Thread Has Something to Sell

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You're gonna love my nuts.

Leon Halip

Good morning, MnB faithful! What is happening with our Wolverines today? Well, you know:

Michigan vs. Penn State

State College, PA

5:00 PM Eastern / ESPN

We have some good coverage for you, as always. Like what? Well, for starters, Kevin Bunkley has a First Look at today's game. Zach has a Q&A with Black Shoe Diaries. Spoiler alert: there are some Qs and As! Crazy, I know. Hollywood Hokester takes a look at This Gameday in History; these are really fun to read. And, of course, Anthony Mammel details What We Need to See from the Wolverines today. I believe that it may have something to do with needing to see more of the good Devin Gardner, and less of the bad Devin.

But wait, there's more! You'll also get: my preview of today's B1G games, Zooby Q. has a twittery preview of other college football games today, and Zach gives you a bonus preview of the match-up against Penn State.

Still not enough? Wellllll, we'll throw in MVictors's'ss recollection of a pretty vicious hit between Michigan and Penn State a long time ago. MGoBlog's Seth tells you why he's afraid of Devin Gardner, and those guys also get preview-y on today's game.

We're not done yet! If you like this football stuff, you can watch:

- Mack Brown "retire" after getting slap-chopped by Oklahoma at noon (ABC).

- The Mad-Hatter do some crazy shit against the Gators at 3:30 (CBS).

- Wisconsin maybe yack one up against Northwestern, also at 3:30 (ABC/ESPN2).

But hold on! Call within the next 15 minutes, and you'll receive another Open Thread...FREE! (just pay additional processing. Residents of some other states, add sales tax. Offer not valid in Alaska or Hawaii).

Enjoy the games, comment away, and...Go Blue!

Today's tune, one of my favoritest bands of all-time: Arcwelder...